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Launch of LëtzBlock, the Luxembourg’s community hub for blockchain initiatives

The Luxembourg Blockchain and DLT Association is launching LëtzBlock. LëtzBlock’s mission is to be Luxembourg’s community hub for blockchain initiatives.

“We aim to create positive impact to the wider community by encouraging and supporting the development and adoption of blockchain and DLT-related ecosystems in Luxembourg, sharing good practices, concepts and ideas and creating a network of like-minded people by assembling Luxembourg’s community of blockchain, DLT and dApp, smart contract and cryptocurrency startups, developers, researchers, influencers, innovators, technologists, educators, venture capitalists – and those who are just curious to earn more,” said a representative of the association.

LëtzBlock is a non-profit association that has been set up to promote the comprehensive adoption of DLT and Blockchain technologies across public and private sectors in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg ecosystem is thriving, with many initiatives and projects already active. LëtzBlock believe it will be beneficial to bring them together via a common platform and environment. “We aim to complement existing actors to help accelerate the transformation of the Luxembourg DLT and Blockchain landscape. In addition to acting as an intellectual hub, we will also provide an entry point to these technologies for stakeholders across all sectors – from start-ups to incumbents, industry to finance, addressing diverse topics ranging from technical standards to issues such as supply chains, medical and identity records or e-democracy and e-government,” told the representative.

Key activities will include:

  • Creating interdisciplinary working groups around topics, projects or initiatives related to the DLT/Blockchain Industry, including issuing and reviewing technical proposals and scientific position papers;
  • Organising practical training courses, seminars and other events around DLT/Blockchain topics;
  • Promoting and contributing to the professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct within the DLT/Blockchain Industry, notably via the issuing and supporting best practices and industry standards;
  • Promote, strengthen and contribute to the advancement of discussions and developments of DLT /Blockchain technologies by actively engaging with Luxembourg’s stakeholders, including governmental, regulatory, sectorial and academic institutions – both in Luxembourg and at European or international level;
  • Keeping members informed through publications and events;
  • Member networking.

Celebrate the launch with the team on Wednesday, June 27th. Hear about their plans, a blockchain use case and network with others interested in blockchain technologies.

(Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash)

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