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Launch Of The Digital Experience Studio

Technoport announced the launch of its DX-Studio (Digital Experience Studio) with the support of JOIN. The DX-Studio is a digital workshop facility that supports entrepreneurs in developing innovative digital technologies.

(Featured Image: An entrepreneur testing a VR application with the Samsung Gear VR / Image Credit: Technoport)

Smart connectivity, augmented and/or virtual reality-headsets to name a few are the targeted technologies by digital entrepreneurs to bring new customer experiences to market. “A common hurdle that we observed for these entrepreneurs is to acquire or even access the latest technologies to design and test new digital customer experience. We are very proud that JOIN partnered with us on this specific project. They share some important values like Innovation, Simplicity and Customer Centricity that are crucial for our DX-Studio” says Diego De Biasio, CEO of Technoport.

The DX-Studio came to live thanks to a strategic partnership that Technoport signed with JOIN. The idea behind the DX-Studio is motivated by the growing need of digital entrepreneurs to design and test new consumer technologies on the latest media hardware and software.

The DX-Studio will work on a similar model as the FabLab. Startups will have access to shared resources and the available equipment will grow based on the needs that will be identified. The initial technologies that will be made available are mobile hardware (Multi OS Smart phone/tablets/watches) and VR headsets.

“We’re very much delighted with the partnership of Technoport which allows us to support the startups, by providing high tech devices and organise end-user tests inside our Shops which will allow them to validate the technical tests done inside the DX-Studio”, announces Pascal Koster, CEO of JOIN Experience. “We are of course also very happy to give free telco, IT & Cloud coaching,”, added Pascal Koster.


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