Launch Of Wellbeing Booking Platform Salonkee

Book an appointment 24/7 with a hairdresser, barber or masseur. Wellbeing booking platform Salonkee is officially launching its services in Luxembourg. We asked Gilberto Fernandes to tell us more about the startup.
What is Salonkee?

Tired of spending hours looking for that very special beauty salon, the best haircut or the fanciest barber? Salonkee got you covered: user-friendly, fast, few-clicks reservation and the ability to search for the service or salon you actually need right when you need them! 24/7 booking right in the palm of your hands – simple, fast and secure.

On the user side, Salonkee brings the simplicity and joy of online beauty-appointment bookings to the tip of the users’ fingers. Salonkee intends to foster the time gaining, easy and secure possibility of our all-digital era to give the user more time to focus on the important things in life: personal beauty being one of them.

On the salon side, it is important to point out that Salonkee was created in close collaboration with the professionals of the beauty sector. Salonkee is therefore the first and most complete online salon-management software in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Salonkee will cover the salon’s most desired needs and stay, and at the same time, a user-friendly platform which will support them in growing their business.

How did you come up with the idea?

Making a phone call to book an appointment is today cumbersome, time consuming and rather restricted due to the opening hours of the salons. From the very beginning, we thought that salons and users should have a better way to manage their appointments. Flexible, fast, secure and easy to use. Salonkee was born.

“Our mission is clear: Our clients deserve a personal approach and a state-of-the-art service. It is trough an unequaled and exceptional customer relation that we achieve to build solid and long-lasting partnerships – two vital conditions for a healthy business development.”

What is your business model?

The user can use Salonkee’s platform and book an appointment for free. He would have to pay the service on site. On the partner side, Salonkee is offering a Software as a Service solution with a subscription-based service. The pricing depends on the number of employees for each salon.

Who are your competitors?

As far from now, no one is providing the same service in Luxembourg as Salonkee does, namely real-time booking platform for the beauty sector.

What is your strategy (short term, medium term)?

On a short term perspective, we are aiming to establish the startup as the go to platform for any online reservations in the beauty and well-being sector in Luxembourg.

On a medium term, we are planning to expand our services abroad most likely with the help of investors and strategic partnerships with other players from the beauty sector.

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