Letz Guess First Local Startup To Reach Podium At Gen-E

LetzGuess takes the third place at the Gen-E Festival. (© Jonk Entrepreneuren)

From 2 to 4 July, the young entrepreneur startups Letz Guess and Check & Mate took part in the Gen-E festival with the former taking third place in the JA Company of the Year category and being the first Luxembourgish startup to do so.

Young entrepreneurship is flourishing in Luxembourg, with Letz Guess and Check & Mate having been selected to go to the prestigious European Gen-E festival. While the latter participated in the JA Startup category, the former participated in the JA Company category where it achieved a remarkable third place.

“We are very proud to have achieved a podium and being the first Luxembourg mini-enterprise to do so.”

Letz Guess team.

Letz Guess is an online game that asks questions about the country, aiming to introduce newcomers to Luxembourg to the culture in a fun way. Available in four languages, the team from the Lycée des Arts et Métiers even launched two new versions focusing on the EU and the Gen-E festival for the occasion.

“We have big ambitions and would like to revolutionise education in Luxembourg and beyond and continue developing ourselves,” said the team, hinting that their mobile application would come out this summer.

With thousands of young European entrepreneurs, aged 15 and over, present at the event, the Gen-E Festival combines two annual European entrepreneurship competitions for winners of the JA Company (in Luxembourg: “Mini-Enterprises”) and JA Start-Up (in Luxembourg: “Young Enterprise Project”) from 41 countries. 

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