Lightigo Space Selected As Second Incubated Startup By ESRIC

Pictured Lightigo Space’s Managing Director Marek Rozehnal and Co-founder Pavel Porizka (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg)

Lightigo Space has reached a significant milestone as it becomes the second incubated startup awarded by ESRIC, following a successful three-month pre-incubation phase.

As part of the esteemed ESRIC Start-up Support Programme (SSP), Lightigo Space has been selected by a committee comprised of experts from ESRIC, Technoport, LSA, LIST, and ESA to continue its launchpad journey. The company will undergo business and technology incubation, receiving vital technical, business, and marketing support from a team of seasoned professionals in the field of business innovation.

Additionally, Lightigo Space will benefit from funding in the form of a non-repayable grant of up to €200,000. This phase extends over a period of 24 months and entails the establishment of a registered branch in Luxembourg.

“With the support of ESRIC’s incubation program, Lightigo Space is poised to accelerate its growth.”

Marek Rozehnal, Managing Director at Lightigo Space.

Lightigo Space, the awarded startup, is at the forefront of pioneering advancements in the space industry. Their innovative work centers around developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions to facilitate space resources utilization. Through their expertise and dedication, Lightigo Space aims to contribute to the exploration and utilization of resources in space, opening up new frontiers of possibilities for space missions and interplanetary ventures.

“With the support of ESRIC’s incubation program, Lightigo Space is poised to accelerate its growth, refine its business strategies, and make significant strides towards becoming a key player in the space resources sector”, comments Marek Rozehnal, Managing Director at Lightigo Space.

ESRIC CEO Dr. Kathryn Hadler presented the award to Lightigo Space founders Pavel Porizka and Marek Rozehnal at the Startup Apéro event organized by Silicon Luxembourg in partnership with ESRIC in Belval. The event celebrated the achievements of the second incubated start-up and provided an opportunity for networking and idea exchange among key players in the startup ecosystem.

Lightigo Space is the second incubated startup of the ESRIC Start-up Support Programme (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg)

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