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Linkage Business: Your Link To Russia

Growing your business, expanding into new countries and establishing your brand there is not an easy step. You need knowledge of the market, local culture and customs and sometimes also knowing the local language might help. Veranika Ramanouskaya the Linkage Business owner will tell us more on how it is to do business with Russia.

Our clients’ success is our success. We care about your future because it’s our future too.

Tell us a little about your business…

Linkage Business SARL is your one-stop-shop for generating sales on the Russian market.

Linkage Business is a small but growing enterprise with plenty of ambitions and great objectives. Young, determined and entrepreneurial are the keywords that describe the company best. We provide Sales & Marketing services for companies willing to enter the Russian market with their product or service.

What is the core idea of your business?

The core idea of the business is to open new horizons for our clients by connecting East and West. By opening up new markets, finding the right partner, establishing a distribution network and, actually, selling the client’s product or services, Linkage Business creates added value for its clients.

“Our clients’ success is our success. We care about your future because it’s our future too.”

Linkage Business provides a wide range of services from sales representation to business acquisitions, depending on the current stage of the client.

What made you want to start this company?

European businesses often are quite uncertain and skeptical about the Russian market. At the same time, Russians seem to be cautious and insecure about entering into business relationships with ‘The West’. Just imagine the opportunities both parties are wasting … I saw this great potential and demand for services in Sales & Marketing for companies willing to do business with Russia.

Moreover, entrepreneurship is my drive. I love doing it. I see all the potential, interest and challenges. No goal is too big for us.

What have been your major achievements to date?

At this point in time, in our portfolio we have clients from Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Germany. Creating a bridge between Russian and European business is our great accomplishment. Also, recently we have started working with Russian entrepreneurs that are willing to discover European business arena and learn about opportunities here. Therefore, very soon the business will be going both ways, namely, West – East and East – West.

Right now, the goal is to develop, improve and grow.

How can people get more information?

More information can be found on the website www.linkagebusiness.com and the social networks:

We are always open for new ideas and willing to cooperate. At Linkage Business we welcome everyone who is interested to get in touch and discover the opportunities that are out there for your business.

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