LIST Annual Report: “Advancements All-Around”

Eva Kremer, Chair of the Board of Directors of LIST. (© LIST)

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has published its 2023 annual report, showing the statistics behind a year of notable progress in research and innovation.

Throughout 2023, LIST has intensified its focus on developing technologies that are both environmentally friendly and future-oriented. With a dedicated team of over 700 employees, the institute has been active in various domains including information and communication technologies, environmental technologies, biotechnologies, advanced materials, and space resources.

“In 2023, LIST was instrumental in introducing technologies that are more respectful of the planet and suitable for tomorrow’s world. Our efforts focused on reducing energy and water consumption, promoting recycling of materials, conducting life cycle analyses, and developing ethical artificial intelligence,” said Eva Kremer, chair of LIST’s board of directors.

The report also emphasizes LIST’s role in fostering significant collaborations and research partnerships. Key highlights include projects with innovative start-ups and industry leaders, the establishment of advanced pilot plants for high-level technological research, and the successful implementation of initiatives to meet the evolving demands of both private and public sectors

Projects and developments

LIST’s achievements in 2023 were highlighted during its Tech Day event in June, which saw the participation of 350 attendees. Key collaborations showcased included projects with start-ups such as FourPoint and Wide (Women in Digital Empowerment), along with upcoming partnerships with Green Power Storage Solutions and Webasto. “Companies and governments need to adapt to the rapid changes. That is why LIST is adjusting and, through its research and knowledge transfer activities, is supporting its private and institutional partners to gear up for the winds of change that are gathering pace,”  said Dirk Fransaer, CEO ad interim at LIST.

To address industry needs, LIST has established several specialized pilot plants. The Greentech Innovation Center now facilitates advanced research in biorefinery, water treatment, and biogas production. Additionally, an 18-meter-long physical vapor deposition (PVD) pilot line was set up in Hautcharage, and new facilities for intelligent energy network management were inaugurated. The Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Centre was also presented during the inaugural Industry Day.

LIST has continued its crucial role in monitoring SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater, extending its analyses to Luxembourg airport. A collaboration agreement with the ministry of health has been established, and LIST was chosen to contribute to the country’s defense efforts.

Advancements of 2023

Two new PEARL projects, supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), were launched in 2023. These projects aim to create the world’s first low-code online intelligent open-source platform and to improve quantum computer performance. Over the year, LIST managed 137 national competitive projects, 65 international projects, 150 collaborative projects, and 50 large-scale service contracts. 

Additionally, its researchers published 147 articles in top-tier journals and successfully defended 28 theses.

In 2023, LIST’s workforce included 710 employees, with 34% being women and 120 new recruits from 60 different nationalities. Of the staff, 79.5% are researchers or innovation experts, and the institute hosted 93 PhD students. LIST also filed 33 patents, secured 24 paid licenses, and supported 8 spin-off companies. 

The institute’s researchers defended 28 PhD theses and engaged in 402 RDI projects and contracts, generating income from services at 6.42%. Financially, LIST’s sale of shares in Open Assessment Technologies S.A. to Uchida Yoko Co. LTD generated an additional €5.6m, strengthening its financial position.

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