Ludwig, Com’ Conductor

Ludwig, a Luxembourg-based marketing and communication agency, has launched a partnership with four international agencies working in the fields of marketing, communication, and multimedia – MIP, GlobalEdge, Neon and Super8, to offer tailor-made communication services to companies in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Photo: Charles Nadler wishes to immerse the participants in the content / Credits © Olivier Minaire / Silicon Luxembourg

“Our goal is to combine our expertise and offer a set of creative technological solutions in a package of ‘immersive experiences’, which respond to dedicated needs in event management, conferencing, and remote communication, linking the physical and the digital,” explains Charles Nadler, founder and CEO of Ludwig.

The range of services offered include the definition and management of digital events, technical expertise in e-conferencing, support in e-marketing and social networking strategies, and the creation of dedicated content.

The club of five

The company positions itself as an orchestra conductor, recruiting and coordinating their dedicated trades, and organizing client communication projects.

“The idea of this club is to work on the content, the environment, and the look of the event, through information, multimedia tools, interactive communication, or augmented reality tools, to help immerse the participants in the content,” continues Nadler.

The target clientele are companies – everything from startups to large groups – based in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Ludwig immersive experiences from Hello LUDWIG on Vimeo.

Created in Luxembourg in 2015 – also present in Montreal and Shanghai – Ludwig is a creative agency which operates with only four employees. It supports brands with their marketing and communication strategies, operating a collaborative platform which brings advertisers together with a community of independent experts in communication, marketing, and multimedia.

Ludwig’s four partners for this project are MIP, a communication agency specialising in digital and interactive technologies, situated in France and Canada; GlobalEdge, an expert in videoconferencing and a custom webcast studio, operating in France, Canada, and the US; Neon, based in Luxembourg, a digital marketing agency, who are experts in digital and interactive strategies; and Super8, a Luxembourg-based production studio which is active in content creation.

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