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Luxembourg-Based Startup Nexvia Launches my|GAIN

Luxembourg based startup Nexvia launches my|GAIN. The innovative company in the field of real estate developed a tool that makes calculating the taxable capital gain on the sale of property easy.
(Featured Image, from left to right: Maria Falkner, Melissa Muhovic, Kevin Molinero, Pierre Clement, Allison Dalbin, Xavier Bertrandias / Image Credit: Nexvia)
First online tool to calculate your capital gain tax

Many property owners may wonder how much tax they would pay when selling their property. However, a lot of research is often required to find the answer.

The capital gain tax when selling property is subject to many conditions and modalities: type of asset, acquisition price, sale price, seller’s tax class. Nexvia’s my|GAIN tool takes all these elements in account in order to calculate the precise amount owed to the tax administration.

Land owners, property owners through way of inheritance, buy-to-let investors and secondary home owners will be particularly concerned by the tool. They will now have an easy, centralized solution to obtain the desired information.

Furthermore, the calculator indicates the fiscal implication of a sale in 2017 compared to 2018. The capital gain tax for a long-term gain will be halved in 2017, which means that selling this year will be particularly profitable.

“It would be in a property owner’s best interest to sell in 2017 rather than in 2018. For a 300,000 euro property, it can usually mean a saving of more than 10,000 euros” – Pierre Clément, Nexvia’s founder
Nexvia makes home buying and selling easy

Nexvia’s goal is to revolutionize real estate services by offering powerful and user-friendly tools. my|GAIN is their latest free efficient calculator. It broadens the current range of 4 existing online tools: the property evaluator, the acquisition cost and monthly charge calculator, the buy vs rent comparator and the affordability calculator.

The startup was launched in January 2016 by its founder Pierre Clement. Since its launch, Nexvia has received 35,000 unique visitors, 25,000 of which used the tools. Since September 2016, Nexvia signed a partnership with the BIL, which offers the home buying decision tools to its customers via my|HOME.

Nexvia will continue to innovate in its technological and real estate services in order to help its users take a better home buying and selling decision. Nexvia now has 6 staff members to personally advise its customers in their specific real estate projects.

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