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Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN)


Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN)

Date of creation:



7, rue Alcide de Gasperi L2981 Luxembourg


[email protected]

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Decision Maker:

Board of Directors

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Field of activity:

Business Angel network

Elevator Pitch:

LBAN is a non profit association unlocking the potential of private investors in Luxembourg. LBAN’s mission is to give the appropriate tools to business angels in order to become better private investors and be more comfortable in doing investments.

  • Networking opportunities for our members
  • Deal flow
  • Internal platform: Calendar of events, articles, directory of our members etc
  • Access to EBAN events and working templates
  • Training program in collaboration with the House of Training
Key figures:
  • 60 members to date
  • average of 40 deals shared per year
  • WIP: lobbying towards the government for tax incentives
  • WIP: Facilitating co-investments between LBAN members

Leverage your network. Meet entrepreneurs. Grow your business. Join the club and help build the future. We set up the first private business club for tech innovators, where individuals, startups and corporates can meet throughout the year at a series of dedicated events, including conferences, workshops and after-work events. We gather the best of the best entrepreneurs that Silicon Luxembourg’s network has to offer. Join the club and help build the future.

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