Luxembourg & Canada Ink Space MoU

During Luxembourg’s economic mission to Canada, the Luxembourg Space Agency Signed agreed to work more closely with their Canadian counterparts (Photo © Luxembourg Space Agency)

During an economic mission to Canada last week, Luxembourg signed a new space cooperation MoU with Canadian authorities, the latest in a long line of such agreements signed by the little space nation.

The agreements serves to catalyse and deepen cooperation between the two nations in the field of space through establishing a cooperation framework, sharing expertise and exchanging information between the two agencies. It should also foster future collaborations by highlighting areas of joint interest such as earth observation and space exploration systems including space resources utilization and space operations. And the MoU will give a boost to research, exploration, development, and use of space by academic and research institutes and private sector space companies.

“Luxembourg and Canada have always had very good business relations. When it comes to space, we also share common visions and objectives,” said Luxembourg Space Agency CEO Marc Serres, adding: “I am very happy to have signed this MoU today, which will foster collaboration between our two countries in the field of space. I am confident that this will be an important step forward in developing further cooperation projects involving space, but also terrestrial players.”

President of the Canadian Space Agency, Lisa Campbell, said: “International partnerships are essential for achieving our shared goals in space. Today we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Luxembourg as an important first step to strengthening our mutually beneficial relationship.’’

Luxembourg launched its space agency in 2018, after the development of the initiative aimed at promoting the peaceful use and development of space resources, and further science and research while fostering a new economic branch in the grand duchy.

Canada established the Canadian Space Agency in 1990, although the agency’s origins can be traced back to the end of World War II. Canada became the third country to put an artificial satellite into space when, in September 1962, it launched Alouette 1. It has since launched 14 more satellites (excluding commercial satellites).

Canada meanwhile, became the first international partner in the Lunar Gateway Project, an international NASA-led project to build a small space station in lunar orbit.

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