Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub Sets New Tour Dates

The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) is planning a second tour of industry players in Luxembourg with its iconic school bus. 

From 20 September to 6 October, the L-DIH bus will visit nine locations around the country to support and advise industry players keen to learn about Industry 4.0.

“It’s about inspiring the companies that are starting the journey by showcasing companies that are further in the journey,” said Arnaud Lambert, Director Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, during a press conference on Wednesday.

The idea responds to a pressing need expressed by industry federation Fedil: in order to remain competitive, industry must undergo a digital transformation.

Arnaud Lambert, Director Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, is pictured on the DIH Bus during a press conference on Wednesday 31 August (Photo © Stephanie Jabardo / Silicon Luxembourg)

“We did a survey and what we recognised is that when it comes to digital transformation most companies are doing quite well or OK when it comes to more back office oriented digital solutions. And on the production side, we see a healthy level of digital maturity,” said Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, senior advisor digital transformation, adding: “But when it comes to the convergence of IT (back office) and OT (production), there we see a clear shortfall in Luxembourg industry.”

Among the barriers to accessing workshops, networking and training events about digital transformation are geography and a lack of time.  Of the 455 industry players identified in Luxembourg by the Digital Innovation Hub, around 70% are SMEs, employing 50 or fewer staff. 

“Embracing digitalisation is a different story if you are 2,000 or 50 employees,” Lambert explained. And with industry concentrated in pockets around the country, the fact of travelling to a training hub in the capital or south of the country can be time-consuming. 

Robots including the M200, the biggest robot in the world, at the FANUC European Customisation and Distribution Center in Contern. The Japanese company customizes and configures several thousand robots for European industrial customers. (Photo © Stephanie Jabardo / Silicon Luxembourg)

The DIH bus aims to bring Industry 4.0 to the companies. During the visits, participating companies will be able to attend two sessions on the bus: one covering the advantages and challenges of implementing AI and machine learning on the shop floor. The second will outline the support available for financing projects, among other things. After a “brown bag” lunch, employers will be invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with experts and the visit ends with a networking drink. 

Lambert said: “From the idea to project  we put companies in contact with service providers that can help them to achieve this project and continue in their journey.” 

Last year for its first edition, the Digital Innovation Hub bus attracted some 160 participants representing 100 companies on 12 sites. For its second edition, it aims to interact with 200 companies on nine industrial zones.

The DIH bus will be on tour from 20 September to 6 october and will be present during Cybersecurity Week (17-20 October) at Luxexpo. Register here to book a spot with the bus.

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