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Luxembourg is welcoming the Startup Guide series

Startup Guide is coming to Luxembourg. Packed with inspiration, how-to’s, local case studies and tips for starting up, the popular series highlights opportunities and stories from local entrepreneurs for anyone interested in building their business.
A Growing Startup Ecosystem

With almost 50 percent of its residents of foreign origin, Luxembourg has been rated as the third country worldwide where expats like to work.

The international mix of people and a great geographical location opens up a myriad of possibilities for entrepreneurs to develop their business. It’s leading in economic potential and competitiveness, and the Startup Guide Luxembourg will try to capture how this is helping the startup community grow.

Startup Guide founder Sissel Hansen believes that Luxembourg is an ideal entrepreneurial destination. “A high number of educated, international people combined with a stable economy and a lot of venture capital is the perfect recipe for a successful startup community,” says Sissel. “And Luxembourg is an embodiment of that. The country itself is small in terms of population and size, which means that a new business idea can spread fast. Startups in areas like fintech, ecommerce, banking or IoT have a lot to over there and we are looking forward to exploring Luxembourg in the upcoming months.”

The Startup Guide has partnered up with Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, who will be the main project facilitator and supporter.

“The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce strongly supports this guide, as it gives future entrepreneurs the perfect handbook for starting their venture in Luxembourg and it accurately reflects our country’s thriving startup and entrepreneurial scene. The Chamber of Commerce actively promotes the spirit of enterprise and supports the creation and development of companies. We constantly thrive to optimize our services. After the success of the House of Entrepreneurship, our one-stop shop of consolidated services for entrepreneurs, we’re launching the House of Start-Ups in 2018 – a hub that offers perfect conditions and the best support to help revolutionary ideas become reality.”Carlo Thelen, General Director, Chamber of Commerce

The book is set to be released in January 2018. Anyone can contribute to the book by nominating the startups, incubators and founders that they want to see in it. The nominations will be open September 11th –24th, 2017 at startupeverywhere.com/nominations/luxembourg

About Startup Guide

Startup Guide was founded in 2014 by Sissel Hansen and is a creative content and self-publishing company. The vision is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to become more successful through in-depth guides of prominent startup cities all over the world. StartupGuide has been producing and publishing books for cities including Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Paris and more, and distributing more than 25,000 books worldwide.

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