Luxembourg’s Startup Ecosystem – Insights #3

Cédric Spaas, CEO of Arspectra (Photo © Startup Luxembourg)

“Perspectives” is a deep dive into our dynamic startup ecosystem. We have asked various decision-makers and players to share their views and tell us what they feel are the strengths of the Luxembourg startup ecosystem. Every week, over the next 10 weeks, we will share their insights in video so you can get a full overview of what Luxembourg brings to startups and entrepreneurs.

Insights #3 – Cédric Spaas, Arspectra

Being based in Luxembourg is a “pleasant efficiency” for Cédric Spaas, CEO of Arspectra, a healthtech startup specialised in surgical augmented reality systems that is hosted at the Technoport incubator. Talking about the incubator they sit in, he explains that “most of our neighbours are already partners” which helps improve efficiency.

“Luxembourg has created a supportive ecosystem that has all the advice necessary to support any young startupper to push his or her company forward.”

Cédric Spaas

In addition to a supportive and collaborative environment, Cédric Spaas underlines that he finds all the expertise needed to manage the regulatory aspects that impact the healthtech sector.

Watch the full video to find out more.

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