Luxfactory Raises 1 Million Euros

On the eve of its 25th Anniversary, the management consulting group plans to develop new activities and grow internationally.
by: Marc Auxenfants
photo: Luxfactory
featured: Jérôme Grandidier, Elodie Trajanowski and Olivier Deboeck

The Luxfactory Group announced a fundraising of one million Euros last Monday. In a press release, the management consulting firm states that the financing will be used to “accelerate its organic development and study new opportunities for external growth”.

The 60-people company is already active in a wide range of businesses: from financing solutions, M&A services, HR solutions (on demand and recruitment), to IT consulting and digital business transformation.

“We are indeed looking to set up new activities,” says Elodie Trojanowski, the group’s CEO. “And to do this, we wanted to feel financially comfortable launching these projects.”

Next steps

More specifically, its managers intend to set up an accounting stream dedicated fiduciary, advisory and expertise services.

Organic development, with the creation of a dedicated department with in-house experts? Or external growth, via the purchase of an external firm, which will be integrated into the group? As a result of the health crisis, planning has been put on hold. And the envisaged business model has not yet been decided upon.

Several shareholders have contributed to the fund raising: internally, these include some of Luxfactory’s employees and partners, who wish to remain anonymous. And among external investors: La Compagnie du Salève, a Soparfi launched in April 2018 and managed by Alter Domus; and Antonio Brunacci, a specialist in family wealth management (SPF).

However, the share of each in the million euros has not been disclosed.

Global launch

What role will they play in the development of Luxfactory? “These are two profiles of company founders and entrepreneurs of large companies, and not pure financiers”, says Elodie Trojanowski. “Both of them will bring us a fresh entrepreneurial outlook and new ideas, especially for our international growth”.

The group is indeed planning to roll out its consulting activities in the Greater Region, particularly in France and Belgium, where it already has well-established business contacts.

To this end, it would continue to operate from its Luxembourg base, while setting up foreign subsidiaries attached to the group.

Luxfactory, which claimed 4 million Euros in turnover last year, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of its historic companies, Anisgreen (one of the four entities belonging to Jérôme Grandidier -EAEC, Anisgreen, Anisgreen Consulting and Sit Group) this year.

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