LUXKO’s 3rd Demo Day To Showcase Five Innovative FinTech Startups From South-Korea

LUXKO Consulting is partnering with Seoul Fintech Lab (SFL) to organise the third virtual Demo Day event that will be held on 26th Nov 2020 (CET 10:00 – 11:30 AM).

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This event is part of a series of 3 consecutive events organized by LUXKO as part of a major initiative to bring together the Korean and Luxembourgish tech ecosystems.

The interesting speaker line-up includes: Stephane Pesch, CEO of LPEA (Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association), Alexander Tkachenko (GP of Venture Capital), Prof. Youngju Nielsen (Sungkyunkwan University, Graduate School), LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology) and LFF (Luxembourg for Finance).

The event would introduce the following five Fintech startups from South Korea who are ready to expand into the EU. Register online.


It is an equity management platform that provides solutions for both companies and investors. Startups and VCs can sync crucial equity data and corporate governance issues through an online equity platform so that every shareholder and portfolio company can communicate through a single source of truth.

BC Labs Co., Ltd

VOLTA provides a digital asset management platform powered by BC Labs. Its marketplace aims to connect professional traders (investors & advisors) with retail investors, who want to start trading. These professionals share their trading strategies and VOLTA with their automated exchanges allows the retail investors using the platform to execute these trading strategies.

Finhaven Technology Co., Ltd

It is a capital markets FinTech, that offers digital custodial and settlements solutions for all the entities in the financial market using Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. Its subsidiary Finhaven Capital facilitates capital raising by non-reporting issuers distributing prospectus-exempt securities. Also, it owns and operates Finhaven Club, which is an independent marketplace that provides investment information with their research data.


They provide products/services that use AI to process and analyse the unstructured financial data. The products on offer include: TS-Expert that extracts financial data from term sheets of over the counter financial products; ESG- Analytix that helps financial analysts/ investors extract financial information concerning Environment, Social and Governance factors and assesses them based on corporations involved.

Spiceware Inc

The software company wants to create a highly secured cloud computing environment by resolving the data breach issues caused due to human errors, system glitches and malicious attacks. Its solution aims to be easy and quick to set up.

More details about the partners

LUXKO Consulting

Based in Luxembourg, LUXKO Consulting is a business accelerator consulting company with strong roots in Europe and East Asia (Korea, Japan). It provides a global stage for innovative and technological startups to expand their businesses.

Seoul Fintech Lab (SFL)

The SFL is based in South Korea and was developed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2018 in order develop its financial sector. It hosts over a 100 companies specialising in the financial technology sector.

LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology)

Luxembourg’s dedicated Fintech centre where finance and technology interact to foster innovation and develop solutions aimed at shaping the future of financial services. Offering Fintech incubation, co-working, and a soft-landing platform, the LHoFT also connects, engages with and creates value for the broader Fintech ecosystem.

This article is brought to you by LUXKO Consulting and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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