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Make An Impact With Mademoiselle Vrac

For Laeticia Brille, founder of Mademoiselle Vrac, becoming an entrepreneur had been a dream for many years. But more importantly, she wanted to make a positive impact on society by launching a business aligned with her values.

The Mademoiselle Vrac shop concept was initially launched in France by two sisters, Claire and Noémie, with the aim of proposing quality goods with no or limited packaging to encourage a zero-waste approach. By offering different options, ranging from food to hygiene products, they wanted to motivate people to change their consumption habits in the long term.

Laeticia was immediately seduced by the idea that was completely in line with her vision. Already fighting food waste in her private life and involved as a volunteer with several associations, she definitely had the right mindset and values to start such business. Inspired by the adventure of OUNI, she felt like the offer for unpacked products was still limited in Luxembourg and that she could contribute to extend the offer and promote that sustainable philosophy.

From employee to business owner

During her career in Insurance and HR, Laeticia always felt like she would one day start her own business. It was only a matter of finding the right idea at the right time in her life. Surprisingly, that moment came while she was expecting her second child. After exploring many franchising models, she finally found the perfect match with Mademoiselle Vrac.

The young entrepreneur decided to affiliate herself with that brand and benefited from various trainings in existing shops in France to learn about stock management, sales, accounting and products. After following an additional food hygiene training in Luxembourg and managing all administrative steps by herself through MyGuichet.lu, everything went fast. She found the perfect store location in Strassen and was finally ready to open the doors of her cosy shop in April 2021.

Laeticia is now the proud business owner of the 10th existing Mademoiselle Vrac store, and even more important, the first one abroad.

Priority is given to organic and local products

With her passion and enthusiasm, Laeticia pushed the store concept further: she quickly decided to look for as many local producers as possible and is already able to sell coffee, honey, flour and two different soaps all made in Luxembourg! Her customers really appreciate getting advise on how to switch to zero waste approach, they do care a lot about the origin of the products and several come to the shop by bicycle with they own containers to be filled in.

Want to learn how to change your habits? Stay tuned: Laeticia plans to organize workshops for adults and kids to raise awareness around food waste, sustainable consumption and all the little actions that can be done individually to save the planet.

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