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Marketing Chicks And Coding Foxes Communities Put Independents In The Spotlight

In recent months, freelancers have decided to come together as a community to be more visible, present their know-how and offer their services. More and more solicited, these new platforms allow everyone to find the freelancer(s) they need for their projects. At the heart of the launch of two of these communities is Melanie Delannoy, an emblematic figure of the independent scene in Luxembourg.

Photo: Melanie Delannoy is proposing a greater opportunity for everyone to show their work and skills / Credits © Eric Devillet

Can you tell me more about Marketing Chicks and Coding Foxes?

Marketing Chicks and Coding Foxes are initiatives from independents for independents.

These two platforms aggregate and list top talent in two separate fields: MARCOM (marketing and communications) and developers and coders.

Marketing Chicks covers a large range of job types, including: PR and communications, graphic designers, art directors, photographers, filmmakers, copywriters, proofreaders, translators, community managers, event organisers, and public speaking experts.

The Coding Foxes network covers developers and coders with a wide range of experiences in the tech industry.

These independents work from all over the world, though a majority are located in Luxembourg.

Why did you decide to launch this / these network (s)?

I decided to launch Marketing Chicks back in March when we entered into the lockdown phase and I started realizing that things would get tough for independents. The sanitary situation created a challenging environment for all of course, but more so for freelancers. I had the domain already and thought instead of using it for myself, why not build a platform for all MARCOM freelancers. I reached out first to those who are part of my network and who I already work with. Since then, I’ve been pushing the concept further out.

A few months later, I met Max Gutenkauf, who told me about a similar network he had just set up, myfreelancer.lu, and we decided to join forces. We decided to keep this name as the umbrella website. The DNA of Marketing Chicks was already set and we needed another new website to list the developers. Max developed Coding Foxes and the two communities can now be found under a unique umbrella, myfreelancer.lu.

“Growing the network of talents on both platforms is my number one priority at this stage.”

Who are the members? How can we become one?

The members are from all over the world, there are no restrictions, and any talented MARCOM professional or developer can be a part of it. The registration is free.

However, we do filter and assess the future member(s), so that the potential customer doesn’t have to do it and to make sure that people listed on that page fulfill certain quality criteria.

What can they find through this / these network (s)?

These networks and platforms allow increased visibility, recognition, and awareness that provide an extra way of promoting yourself and your work.
It’s also an opportunity to find different skill sets, expertise and talents in a single location.

Do the self-employed and freelancers feel an even stronger need to come together in a community during this period?

I did and still do. I guess the others also feel this need to connect and come together, especially during times when the social bonds and professional life as we knew them are distorted. What I am proposing here is more visibility and a greater opportunity to show your work and skills.

How can a company get in touch with one or more freelancers?

The contact details are available on the freelancers’ own page, so companies can directly get in touch with the freelancer who would best suit their needs. No intermediary, no commission.

What are the next steps in the development of this / these network (s)?

Growing the network of talents on both platforms is my number one priority at this stage. Giving organizations and companies the possibility to choose from a large pool of talents and skill sets is essential.

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