Meet The Winners Of The Young Enterprise Project

The winners of the competition on stage with the team of Jonk Entrepreneuren (Photo © Stephanie Jabardo / Silicon Luxembourg)

The seven finalists of the Young Enterprise Project pitched their ideas to a jury as well as the public to hopefully win first place and €3,000 to make an impact on the world and help people in need.

23 teams of students from higher education took part in this year’s Young Enterprise Project, a learning programme by Jonk Entrepreneuren. They identified an innovative, viable and feasible business idea then developed a business plan or business model around it.

For the grand final on 27 April, seven finalists were chosen to pitch their ideas to a jury and the public, in hopes of winning first place. This would grant them a gift voucher of €3,000 and 8 hours’ of additional coaching to further improve their idea.

The overarching theme of the evening was social impact. All the finalists pitched an idea that would help a social cause, whether it was supporting local farmers and store owners or helping differently-abled people.

The Big Winners

The judges awarded first place to Clémentine Offner and Ivo Silva for WeConnect. Bachelor Students at the University of Luxembourg, they killed two birds with one stone by creating affordable housing for students and helping isolated elderly people find someone to live with them.

The two want to facilitate co-living between students and seniors. They explained that a participating student can either just be a roommate and pay and pay rent, or benefit from a rent reduction by helping with chores and tasks around the house.

Senior citizens who rent out rooms to students would pay a €50 application fee, and an annual €500 subscription fee, lowered to €200 upon renewal. Students pay a subscription fee equivalent to one month’s rent, with rent prices capped at €800 per month, to make sure they remain below the market price and affordable for students.

After their win, Ivo Silva commented: “You work hard for something and then you get the reward, which makes you even happier and it’s a great motivation.”

The two now also have the opportunity to participate in the European finale at Gen-E 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Changing The World

Second and third place were awarded to two projects developed by students from the BTS Communication Technologies at Lycée Guillaume Kroll, ConnectiCouche and Tell Me Bus respectively.

The team behind ConnectiCouche wants to help care assistants who treat incontinent patients with an IoT device. They’ve created a prototype designed to be placed inside an adult diaper to measure the temperature and humidity. An interface would then notify a caregiver signalling the patient requires attention. The team has already contacted the ZithaKlink for a potential partnership.

The team behind Tell Me Bus have created the concept for an app that will help visually-impaired people taking the bus. It will guide them by providing real-time information on bus numbers and bus stops in audio format. To make it happen they want to collaborate with Mobiliteit, and Demy Schandler to install the technology inside of buses.

The jury highlighted several times the quality of the projects from all seven finalists and added that all of them could be proud of themselves.

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