Minister Yuriko Backes Orders Luxembourg’s Very First Uber Ride

Emile Weber (CEO of the Emile Weber Group), Yuriko Backes and Laurent Slits (Uber). (© Emile Weber)

On Tuesday, June 18th, Luxembourg’s Minister for Mobility, Yuriko Backes, ordered the very first Uber ride in the Grand Duchy, using the Uber app to book a WEBTAXI ride from Place Clairefontaine to her ministry. 

Starting Tuesday, June 18th, the WEBTAXI fleet is now accessible through the Uber app, marking a significant day in Luxembourg’s transportation sector. This collaboration aims to provide seamless and efficient taxi services to a broader audience, integrating WEBTAXI’s extensive local fleet with Uber’s global platform. ”Today is the beginning of something great that will benefit all of us,” said Emile Weber, CEO of WEBTAXI & Emile Weber Group.

Founded in 2012, WEBTAXI has become a leading taxi service provider in Luxembourg with a fleet of over 200 vehicles. The company’s pillars are ecology, transparency, and economy, offering a range of vehicle types to suit various mobility needs. ”Through the launch we are expecting more earnings for the drivers, which is very important. For customers, it’s also a benefit, as they have more choices, and can compare their rates. I hope that Uber will bring new customers to Luxembourg, essentially, helping international customers upon their arrival at the airport,” said Michel Craveiro, director of WEBTAXI.

“This partnership represents a combination of several entities, public and private, and we managed, through our communication agency, to collaborate all together effectively in this fantastic project.”

Patrícia Marques, press officer for Uber.

The Uber mission

Uber‘s mission is to create opportunity through movement, providing access to rides at the touch of a button. Since its inception in 2010, Uber has facilitated over 47 billion trips worldwide. ”Today is an important day for Luxembourg and for Uber, we announced our partnership with WEBTAXI one month ago, and today it’s a reality. Everyone in Luxembourg can use the Uber app, and move around the city, with almost free trips with up to €25 discount, and I encourage everyone to try it out,” said Laurent Slits, director at Uber. 

This partnership enhances service offerings for both drivers and passengers. WEBTAXI drivers will gain access to Uber’s extensive user base of 150 million monthly active users, increasing potential ride requests from both local residents and international visitors.  This integration ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for all passengers and drivers. 

Collaboration promises

The collaboration promises efficient routing and the continuation of WEBTAXI’s high-quality service through its own app. “I think today represents a significant step in Uber’s mission, to bring onboard all taxis in the world, in a close and beneficial collaboration with the local companies,” said Rick Jans Kok, head of communication, Northern Europe, at Uber. For passengers, the Uber app retains its familiar features, such as emergency assistance, real-time ride sharing, journey price visibility before booking, and in-app phone call capabilities.

Uber Comes To Luxembourg In The Passenger Seat Of WEBTAXI

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