Missed Vacations No More With Keymitt

If you’re an AirBnb host and tired of waiting for guests to arrive, a working person and you forget to lock your home door sometimes, or you’re simply tired of using a key altogether, then this SmartLock is for you. Luxembourg-born Keymitt is raising funds on Kickstarter for a lock controlled entirely from your phone. The page launched today—check it out here for 33% off retail price.
What is it exactly?

It’s a SmartLock—a device connected to wifi that you manage enitrely from your phone. But don’t worry, you don’t need to put a hole in your door. Keymitt fits any normal lock in the US, Europe, or Japan.

You simply attach a clasp to the inside of your door with double-sided tape or adhesive putty. You cover your lock with the Keymitt device, screw it in, and connect to your phone.

Then you can lock and unlock your door from afar with an app, or from close up with a wave of your phone.

No more missed holidays because you need to let the plumber in your home, or panicked mornings because you forgot to lock your door before going to work. And no more waiting around for AirBnb guests to arrive!

Is this safe?

Yes—really safe. You can track all entries and exits from your home via the app and receive notifications any time there are physical irregularities at the door, such as if someone is trying to pick your lock. Keymitt’s placement inside your door means it can’t be seen from the outside—all the better to trap burglars.

What’s more, the software is virtually uncrackable. Communication between your phone and the app is protected with bank- and military-grade AES256 encryption, which is compliant with all government-mandated criteria.

In other words, a hacker would need to be in front of your door for 7 days to break into the Bluetooth (by that time, your phone would have notified you). In other words, he’s much more likely to buy a crowbar and bust the lock physically.

San Francisco-based Naran is a major partner of Keymitt, providing the software behind the encryption and device communication technology. This relationship will mean a lot as the startup grows.

On the production side, Keymitt is working with German manufacturing company Fath, who is also a strategic investor. This relationship makes Keymitt an industry-recognized innovator.

Keymitt Attracts FATH Group As Investor
Keymitt Attracts FATH Group As Investor
In what ways does Keymitt dominate the competition?

There are some competitors on the market, but they all require you modify your existing lock in some way—sometimes replacing it entirely. Keymitt only requires simple double-sided tape.

In addition, Keymitt’s turning force is considerably stronger than competitors’, which is perfect for tough locks. And did I mention Keymitt’s battery life is twice as long as mounted devices?


Currently, you can order the lock for 99€–the price for peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safe, being aware the moment there’s suspicious activity at your home, and never missing a flight or worrying about letting the electrician into your home.

And if you’re a rental property manager or AirBnb host, how much more could you make without having to be present to give people keys upon arrival?

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