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Modern Mobility with Moovee: Shared, Electric & Multimodal

A new player in mobility has just entered the scene in Luxembourg. In a sector dominated by big names, startup Moovee is betting on multimodal and soft mobility to attract businesses, city dwellers and “frontaliers” (people living near the border). Silicon met with founder Sébastien Berthelot.
(Featured Image: Nicolas Gauthier and Sébastien Berthelot aim at becoming a major mobility operator in Luxembourg with Moovee / Image Credit © Olivier Minaire)

Tell us about Moovee.

Moovee is a startup that wants to rethink mobility around three axes. Firstly, owning a car is not the only way. Secondly, a car is not the only way to get around. And thirdly, electric vehicles and soft mobility are user-friendly and enhance well-being.

In a nutshell, Moovee provides companies with a multimodal fleet, which is a fleet made up of different types of self-service vehicles. Each employee can choose the most suitable vehicle for their specific mobility needs.

Today, Moovee is the first Luxembourg mobility operator.

Do you believe in 100% electric?

In parallel with Moovee, we are working on two other projects: the sale of premium vehicles (GS Drive), and the supply of street lighting and street furniture connected and powered by solar energy. We are, therefore, very aware of issues related to green-tech and mobility.

Moovee is a sort of synthesis of these two activities. It is not uncommon to use an electric car on a daily basis and a sports car on weekends. We do not have a dogmatic approach to mobility and, for us, 100% electric makes as much sense as going 100% thermal: to each journey its own means of transport.

What mobility services do you offer?

In addition to being able to buy or lease any vehicle, we offer a whole range of services. Our added value is based on our ability to provide both two and four-wheeled vehicles and services under one platform. Infrastructure, booking software, maintenance, operational fleet management, you name it – our solution is complete and allows great flexibility with minimal daily management.

“Our fleet management platform allows employees to check the availability of vehicles and book them without having to go through a dedicated manager.”

B2B or B2C?

Moovee is a B2C model, but today the mobility offer is aimed primarily at companies that want to improve the lives of their employees by making their mobility more efficient. Many companies have offices in multiples locations, have limited parking or want to offer the best mobility options to their employees.

Let’s take the example of large consulting firms that have built, or are building, their new headquarters. They often don’t have enough parking for all employees. Even if these companies promote the use of carpooling or public transport, they still need additional mobility solutions on a daily basis.

The services we provide, in addition to the vehicles themselves, make it possible to adopt these alternative solutions more easily and without operational complexities. Our fleet management platform allows employees to check the availability of vehicles and book them without having to go through a dedicated manager. Our car-sharing kit lets them open cars and unlock vehicles with a simple badge or smartphone. This same application also facilitates access to the entire available fleet (bicycles, scooters, etc.). The concept of a one-stop-shop is really part of our DNA.

How has the market responded so far?

The technology has been developed and consumers are really ready to use this type of mobility service. We will start pilot projects with several companies so they can join the mobility revolution. Many companies have already launched individual mobility initiatives, be it car-sharing or bike-sharing, but none of them have a global solution, and most of the time they encounter operational management issues.

“Luxembourg is a great market. It brings together many players with a real passion for cars, a real sensitivity towards CSR issues and an appetite for innovation.”

Is it complicated to find partners for this type of project?

We were extremely surprised by the interest in mobility. Even if companies have only just started investigating mobility, they have really embraced the idea and seem to want to take the lead and get involved. CSR issues are, of course, a priority, but beyond that, the solutions we offer make it possible for companies to increase productivity, as well as attract and retain talent. On these issues, no one wants to be the last to act.  We are fortunate to be supported by InCub, Paul Wurth’s startup incubator. It’s a real springboard. InCub opens a lot of doors for us: from partners with whom we work to build our offer to customers for whom association with InCub is a guarantee of integrity and reliability.

What does the Luxembourg market represent for you?

Luxembourg is a great market. It brings together many players with a real passion for cars, a real sensitivity towards CSR issues and an appetite for innovation. We have also observed a political will to drive the market towards new mobility solutions.

It is, therefore, a priority market for us where we are currently focusing all of our energy. We are a young startup and do not have the capacity to expand across Europe just yet, even though new fundraising should be completed by the end of the year.

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