Moniflo Announces First Investing App Available In Lëtzebuergesch

Georges Bock, CEO and founder of Moniflo (Photo © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg)

The sustainable and values-based investing app by Georges Bock has officially launched in the local language of the grand duchy, making it the first of its kind.

Available for early testers since late November last year, Moniflo is putting its money where its mouth is by increasing accessibility to investing and making its app available in Lëtzebuergesch.

By providing detailed descriptions of asset managers’ ESG and impact funds and making them as easy as possible to access, Moniflo aims to “show [their] funds in a new light”. As CEO and founder Georges Bock put it, Moniflo not only wants to make people feel “more at home in the world of investment funds,” it also wants to make “investing accessible to all, not just a privileged few”.

Making the app available in Lëtzebuergesch is the first step in achieving that. Only used by 77% of the population, Lëtzebuergesch is the least spoken language of the three official languages. 

Although Moniflo automatically determines the language of the app based on users’ device settings, it also allows users to manually set their language preferences. In addition to Luxembourgish, the app is also available in English, French and German. Early this year, Moniflo will extend multilingual support to their website and emails so that users get a seamless experience in the language of their choice.

Currently in early access beta testing, users wishing to get a taste for values-based investing can download the app and get a practice account with €10K in artificial currency.

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