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A month ago, we announced the launch of the crowdfunding campaign by the Luxembourg startup Mu Design for its new product, Lua. The numbers are now officials! The least we can say is that the stars seem to be aligned for designer Vivien Muller and his team. After raising more than 1.5 million euros for its Ulo connected surveillance camera in 2015, Mu Design succeeded in raising more than 110,000 euros in one month for its second Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with its Lua smart planter. Not think twice, we wanted to know the little secrets of such a success!
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Mu Design
featured: Lua, the smart planter with feelings!
You just exceeded the expectations on your crowdfunding campaign. What are the key figures of this campaign?

At the time of writing these lines:

– Financed at 381%
– 327,975 visits to the campaign page
– 889 backers
– Luxembourg ranks 9th in the ranking with 3% of sales

You have just successfully completed a second crowdfunding campaign. What are the ingredients needed to make a successful campaign?

In my opinion there are 2 solutions:

– Have a lot of money to spend to communicate on the product and flood Facebook with targeted ads – something we didn’t have for either Ulo or Lua

– Have a good innovative product that will attract the interest of the press and customers

What were the national and international media impact for Lua?

Right now it’s a little too early to say. We had a lot of invitations to trade fairs and potential distributors interested in the product.

In your opinion, did your presence—upstream—at international trade fairs such as VivaTech, CES or Innovex contribute to the success of this campaign?

These shows allowed us to test the concept with some people interested in learning more about our company. Their feedback has strengthened our confidence in the path we have chosen.

What are the next steps until Lua is born? When is the official launch date scheduled?

The next step—which has already begun—is to renegotiate the price of components now that we have a better volume estimate.

Then comes the production of tools, such as plastic injection moulds, and then production.

Thanks to our experience and feedback on Ulo, we already have reliable partners for the manufacture of products.

If everything goes smoothly, delivery is scheduled for the end of this year.

Ulo, Lua, who will be the next member of the Mu Design family?

It’s always complicated to talk about our roadmap without revealing too much.

Our Bearbot concept may well come back with some improvements. Of course we are not letting Ulo down, he will also evolve in 2020.

The campaign is now in the “InDemand” phase, which means you, potential backers, can still contribute even if it is over.

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