Nexify: A Platform To Combat NFT FOMO

Jil Haberstig, pictured, mints her own NFTs and set up the Luxembourg NFT community (Photo © Nicole Kraiker)

Four Luxembourg-based NFT devotees are on track to launch an NFT stock exchange in September to help combat FOMO and secure a regular income for digital asset owners. 

Jil Haberstig, an early NFT adopter and CMO of the new platform, says that Nexify will help those being priced out of the NFT world to get involved. 

“Getting access to projects is difficult and it is becoming expensive and most people are not able to afford the amounts of crypto required to get in so they constantly have the fear of missing out,” Haberstig said, adding: “On the other hand, we have NFT owners who also have this fear. They are part of it but they don’t know what to do with the NFT because if you don’t sell an NFT it has no value.” 

Nexify was developed by blockchain and NFT leader at Deloitte Luxembourg Jesus Pena Garcia. Now the company CEO, Garcia’s vision is for a speculative exchange where owners of high value NFTS (think Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks and Clone X) place their digital asset, while retaining full ownership. Platform users then speculate on the value of the NFT, generating revenue for the original owner. 

Haberstig, who mints her own NFTs, joined the project after establishing the Luxembourg NFT Community, to raise awareness about digital assets locally. 

“Then everything went very fast because we raised the first investments at the end of last year-the beginning of this year,” she said. 

She quit her job to work full-time on marketing the platform, a factor which is so critical for the industry, two of the four-strong Nexify team will work on it.

“It’s not that you start in one market like Luxembourg and then you expand. You start globally immediately,” says Haberstig. “So you have to raise a lot of awareness at once. And when it comes to NFT projects, communication is a very big part of it.”

As people active in the field of NFTs will be aware, NFT communities are centred around Discord groups, and Twitter that require regular interaction. Nexify is currently recruiting a community manager to work on this full-time. 

With the launch planned for September, the team hopes to have 300,000 users by December 2022 and around 50 big name NFTs on which users can trade. 

“It sounds like a lot but we will be international so I think it’s realistic,” the CMO said, adding: “And I’m very excited because the product is going to change with the users. It may be that we find we can add this or that feature, have an NFT marketplace on top of it or some other extensions.”

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