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Name: Nomoko

Date of creation: June 2015


  • c/o Technoport – 9, Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Paul Wurth InCub

Email: info@nomoko.camera

Phone number: (+352) 691 613 175

Website: www.nomoko.world

Social networks: Facebook |Twitter | LinkedIn

Capital Stock: ND

Funds Raised: ND

Turnover: 0

Founders: Nilson Kufus – Kevin Mersch – Vincent Pedrini

Staff: 19 (global)

Job Offers: https://www.nomoko.world/jobs

Field of activity: 3D > Entertainment, VR, AR, car industry, smart cities…

Elevator Pitch: From the entertainment to the car industry, the need for large-scale 3D environments has dramatically increased. While we are starting to understand the incredible potential of having such virtual environments, no current technological solution allows for acquiring them in a fast, scalable and high quality way.

Nomoko develops the solution to automatically create «Artificial Reality»: photorealistic 3D models with integrated metadata such as object recognition, materials and physics – in short, a digital copy of reality. Technologically this is made possible by the Nomoko Camera and the Nomoko 3D Software. We are developing a compact, ultra-high resolution camera (1’500 megapixels) and a tailored 3D modeling pipeline capable of processing petabytes of data and eventually enhance the models with intelligence.

For example, by mapping entire cities as artificial reality 3D models, we will be able to create products ranging from gaming environments, digital movie sets, to entire simulation environments for smart city planning or self-driving cars.

Products/Services: Database of Artificial Reality 3D models

Business Model: Pay per access

Forecast: ND

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