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The Positive Thinking Company promotes personal evolution as a key element of collaboration. Over several years, we have refined and moulded this vision into a part of our core philosophy: collaborative performance. Collaborative performance is characterized by openness, transparency and shared objectives, and it’s a solution-oriented approach.

Photo: Florent Jacamon, Senior Business Unit Manager at World of Digits, Jérémy Mazon, Operations Director at Adneom, and Damien Chasseur, Managing Partner at Adneom / Credits © Marion Dessard / Silicon Luxembourg

In a professional setting, we aim to respect every party’s ambitions, namely those of our clients, consultants, and operations specialists. Our corporate vision is built on a human foundation: a positive thinking mindset. Thanks to creativity, talent development, and innovative tech expertise, we develop added valued and results that matter to you. We invest in the future. We believe in people. We are the Positive Thinking Company.

The Positive Thinking Company boasts today
  • 23 Offices all around the world,
  • €105M > S1 2018,
  • More than 2,000 projects, and
  • More than 2,350 co-workers.
The Positive Thinking Company in Luxembourg


At ADNEOM, each and every great idea is inspired by an open-minded attitude, characterized by talent development, collaboration, flexibility and a solution-oriented approach. We believe new ideas emerge from a positive, open-minded attitude.

    • We make sure that employees and clients are committed to the project so that results meet the needs of everyone. Based on innovation, ADNEOM helps its clients challenge the status quo.

    • We think positive people are revealed through collaboration. Engagement with our employees is therefore crucial.

    • We offer our employees a stimulating environment and help them strengthen their skills. Their capabilities are measured against five main metrics: motivation, curiosity, insight, commitment and perseverance.

ADNEOM is the technological partner inside the Positive Thinking Company and was the first brand launched in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in 2010. After 8 years,ADNEOM now counts more than 150 co-workers focused on helping our clients improve their performance.

ADNEOM’s areas of expertise are:

      • Mobile and Web Development,
      • IT Project Management,
      • Infrastructure & Security Services, and
      • Business Intelligence & Big Data.

*PFS: Professionals of the Financial Sector. Agreement delivered by the CSSF, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier is a public institution, which supervises the professionals and products of the Luxembourg financial sector.

World of Digits

To face our clients’ new digital challenges, the Positive Thinking Company decided to launch World of Digits in January 2018 in Luxembourg.

World of Digits has developed new methods to help our clients’ teams transform their organization and create new experiences with emerging technologies. Our shared values—optimism, collaboration, responsibility, learning & growing, belief, having a good attitude and culture, leadership, and knowledge—influence all that we do and the positive impact we hope to achieve.

We envision what is possible and work hand-in-hand to develop and deliver cutting-edge experiences. In Luxembourg, we focus on three main areas of expertise:

    • Agility,
    • Product & Project Management,
    • UX & UI Research & Design.

Mathilde Duczman, a consultant in the UX Research & Design atWorld of Digits, explains what our vision of UX is and how beneficial a user centric approach is in your projects.

Building an experience before a product

User experience can be described as an overall human experience lived and built through user interactions with a product. The approach of UX design is then to think about user needs, perceptions, and emotions before thinking about the product and process in a project.

At World of Digits, we make sure to address these challenges through 4 key steps: Understand, Ideate, Create, and Evaluate. Each step must happen in an iterative process, which makes up the strength, reliability and viability of a user centric approach.

Among these steps, the understanding phase is key in the design process. As a strong community of UX researcher and designers, we’ll tell you why and how.

Mapping user needs, expectations and goals

The understanding phase can be described as the research part of an overall design process. It helps to deeply understand your user needs, expectations and current interactions with one product or technology. From techniques such as interviews, data analytics, personas, and experience mapping, we can easily map an overview of what your customers, employees and users are currently experiencing and expecting. Constitution of a strong knowledge of your users is the only way to be ready to face design challenges by optimizing your workflow and user journey.

Knowing your users and optimizing your business

By focusing on user knowledge, you will get promising perspectives for improving your users’ experience as well as for your business. Specifically, it will help you to:

  • Find new design opportunities on a product or a technology,
  • Reduce costs by maximizing user performances, and
  • Anticipate future uses.

We make these perspectives come alive by going deeper into the design process. Based on the knowledge previously acquired about your users, we can easily redesign and simplify user journeys with ideation and creation techniques. With the use of site maps, wireframes, mockups and prototypes, we can conceptualize user paths, and organize and design information content, on interfaces.

Finally, we make sure that the designed solution is aligned to all users’ needs through evaluation techniques such as user testing. Then, a user-centric approach helps us create positive user experiences.

This article is brought to you by Positive Thinking Company PSF and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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