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LINC launches LINC Coworking, a collaborative space for digital and IT specialists as well as startups. 10 years after its launch, LINC continues to diversify; this time by dedicating an entire platform of its premises to a collaborative space dedicated to digital and IT specialists. LINC Coworking thus intends to create an ecosystem unique in Luxembourg, where startups and digital experts work together in a “win-win-work” working environment.
LINC Coworking’s vision: to create an ecosystem for digital and IT specialists

On a 300 m2 platform, LINC Coworking intends to bring together a diversified and complementary range of digital specialists as well as a series of small start-ups that can benefit from the expertise of these specialists.

“The IT and digital professions are becoming more and more numerous and sophisticated. And the use of all disciplines becomes a necessity to ensure the success of any digital project. For example, launching a new service without including gamification, growth hacking or Business Intelligence is a real risk. But very few companies can afford to have all these specialists in-house. LINC Coworking’s vision is to offer a stimulating and mutually beneficial collaborative space to all these specialists” summarizes Marc Neuen.

Do we really still need an additional coworking space?

It is true that many incubators and collaborative spaces have been created recently, but LINC intends to respond to a triple unmet need. First, most incubators are essentially startups oriented and not experts oriented. Secondly, they are mainly aimed at very specific targets, e. g. startups in fintech, smart city, industry… if a startup does not fit into these slots, the eligibility conditions are not met. And finally, almost all the collaborative spaces are located in the city, which is not very practical and especially very expensive for all those who have to or prefer to come by car.

Create a “Win-Win-Work” ecosystem

The main advantage of the LINC Coworking concept is the vision of creating a true ecosystem of digital and IT experts. The market trend is towards a multiplication of very small businesses and freelancers who are highly specialized in a specific discipline. And it will become essential for any company to use most of these specialized disciplines to succeed.

“By bringing together varied and complementary specialists under one roof, we offer them an enriching working environment and allow them to share their respective networks. For example, a UX/UI specialist working for a client may recommend that he or she seek the advice of a fellow Lincoworker expert in growth hacking or gamification. And they can offer an even better service to their common customer as they meet each other every day and can therefore work efficiently hand in hand. This is our vision: to provide a fertile playground for specialists and to provide top-of-the-range service to the customers of our Lincoworkers.”

In addition to these advantages directly related to the ecosystem iteself, LINC Coworking is distinguished by the fact that the premises are located in Pontpierre, halfway between the city and Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg’s university city and innovation hub. Parking is free or much cheaper than in town and rush hour traffic jams are largely avoided. Professionals who need their cars to visit their customers are therefore clearly favored, since the rent for a workstation is more or less the same as the price of a car park in town.

Open call to digital marketers, growth hackers, specialist developers and the like…

Linc Coworking aims to bring together the widest possible range of all the specialized digital and computer trades. While the IT development component (.net, java, mobile) is already well covered by the LINC Technology Partner subsidiary, the space aims to attract experts as diverse as sysadmins, AI, BI or RPA specialists, digital marketers, lean, serious game or Business Model Canvas methodology consultants or specialists in new disciplines such as growth hacking or gamification.

“The more diversified the offer, the better ecosystem will have been created.” But beyond these business experts, LINC Coworking also intends to open its doors to small startups that can become clients of all these specialists, just as LINC will also become client with its various activities.

Offers and applications

The space includes a maximum of about thirty dedicated workstations. These are partly in an open space of about fifteen workstations and partly in small offices of 2 to 5 workstations, which can of course be privatized.

The monthly all-in rates range from 270 to 325 EUR per workstation. Free public parking is available nearby and some parking spaces can be rented at prices well below the city’s prices. Full details can be found online, where interested parties can also apply to join the ecosystem and, by extension, the LINC Coworking Network.

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