OQ Technology Announces Launch Date For 5G IoT Mission 

CEO and Founder Omar Qaise (© OQ Technology)

The Luxembourg-based pioneer of 5G IoT satellite services has announced March 2023 as the planned launch date for its mission funded by the LSA and supported by the ESA.

Having recently closed a €13M Series A funding round, OQ Technology is keen to continue demonstrating its 5G IoT satellite services which offer fast and real-time data processing for IoT and M2M applications.

 “We are so excited to launch this mission which we have been working on for some time, we thank our partners at the Luxembourg Space Agency and the European Space Agency for trusting us and who have been always supporting us throughout this journey,” said founder and CEO Omar Qaise.

With three satellite missions already under its belt, the company is no stranger to launches. In March 2023, the on-orbit pathfinder mission will be launched on a Vega-C rocket rideshare mission (VV23) to enable a high number of 5G-enabled devices to communicate with one another via strategic satellite frequencies. It will further test advanced 5G IoT algorithms, paving the way for qualifying existing 5G narrowband IoT chips for commercial via-satellite deployment.

As the prime contractor of the €2 million MACSAT mission, OQ Technology is responsible for the overall management, satellite procurement and operation of the mission which will also be part of OQ Technology’s constellation offering commercial connectivity services.

“With the cellular direct-to-device (D2D) heating up, OQ Technology is well positioned to be a pioneer in connecting cellular IoT devices to LEO satellites,” said Qaise, mentioning that many customers across energy, logistics, agriculture and the maritime sector are already interested in its solution.

Next to planning more launches in the near future, the company also recently established subsidiaries in Athens, Greece, and Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. 

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