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Orange-Highfive Partnership: A Nimble Boost To Startups

Orange Luxembourg has made support for local startups one of its priorities in 2020. By partnering with Highfive’s video conferencing application, the operator is now offering a more agile solution for all.
by: Aurélie Mohr-Boob
photo: Orange Luxembourg
featured: Jean-Sébastien Berneyron, B2B Sales Manager at Orange Luxembourg

The lack of face-to-face interactions at work during confinement has generated a need for rapid adaptation, including the Orange group internally. In order to ensure the continuity of its teleworking services, the Orange Group decided to use the Highfive video conferencing application since the beginning of April.

“Our sales representatives used it throughout the confinement for their professional customer interactions.”

This association has borne fruit, since Orange Luxembourg’s employees have been using it daily on all services, without any issues. “This solution is simpler and more agile than other video conferencing systems. The system has excellent stability provided there is sufficient internet bandwidth. You register via a domain name, and invitations can be personalized with the name of the company using Highfive. It works across multiple devices. Organizers and participants can connect with up to 125 individuals simultaneously, with or without a moderator. Our sales representatives used it throughout the confinement for their professional customer interactions” says Jean-Sébastien Berneyron, B2B Sales Manager at Orange Luxembourg.

This offer echoes the in-depth work carried out by the group and its innovation teams on digital inclusion. Individuals, businesses and seniors are thus supported by Orange in the evolution of their digital uses. “This is a long-term project, and we can see that the confinement has further strengthened the commitment to them as part of our Engage 2025″ strategy,” adds Barbara Fangille-Rolland, head of communication at Orange Luxembourg.

“Ensuring the continuity of services and supporting startups as we already do with Orange Fab, remains a priority.”

Remain flexible and anticipate usage

Boards of directors, online meetings, webinars … the list of uses is long and applicable to all sectors of activity. Tested and approved by Orange, Highfive is now being offered to all Orange business customers and companies, mainly startups, who would benefit from it, in less than 24 hours. This makes it possible to gain flexibility for small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 50 employees, which represent around 80% of the Luxembourgish market. “Many startups around the world have subscribed to Highfive via Orange since January. Ensuring the continuity of services and supporting startups as we already do with Orange Fab*, remains a priority,” recalls Barbara Fangille-Rolland.

According to a study carried out by the firm P’op Luxembourg, the meaning that employees give to their work since confinement has changed. 43% of respondents place teleworking as an essential attribute of the ideal company! Employees and employers now have a unique opportunity to re-engage each other in a dematerialized approach that has proven its effectiveness and productivity in a virtual environment.

The Highfive application via Orange is available in hardware and multi-device format, usable at home, in the office, including coworking spaces. A way to accompany, or even anticipate the widespread advent of teleworking in Luxembourg, an atypical country due to its workforce, mostly frontier workers, which could prove to be the ideal laboratory for this change of paradigm announced as the inevitable redefinition of the business-employee relationship in the years to come.

* Orange Fab is the Orange’s startup accelerator that selects promising startups once a year and offers them a customized program to make their business grow by offering mentorship and access to Orange’s B2B and B2C networks.

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