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Orange Luxembourg Demystifies 5G

In December, Luxembourg-based telecommunications operator, Orange Luxembourg, will launch an information campaign, with round tables and demonstrations, to explain 5G technology to its customers. With 5G network being made available in Grand Duchy, the information and awareness programme is meant to educate customers on the new generation of cell phone technology.

Photo: The campaign aims to democratize 5G access for the customers / Credits © Shutterstock

“The deployment of 5G brings with it technological changes, but also new uses that can sometimes remain unclear to users,” said Orange Luxembourg in its press release.

The campaign, which will begin on December 10 includes surveys, round tables, and demonstrations of 5G network in the telecom operator’s stores. Surveys to be conducted among its customer base and via social media will focus in particular on the popular perceptions of 5G and what consumers know about it. The round tables will be led by experts at Orange Luxembourg.

Providing support during the transition

“This program aims to democratize 5G access for our customers and to support them in this digital transition. We want to do so by listening to them and answering any questions they might have about its usefulness, about how it works, and what this technology will change in their daily lives,” said Barbara Fangille-Rolland, head of communications at Orange Luxembourg.

Situated in Grand Duchy, Orange Communications Luxembourg offers telecommunication services, mobile broadband internet, fibre and cable TV, and internet for offices and residences in Luxembourg, since 2004. A 100% subsidiary of Orange Belgium, it employees 150 people.

Since 2016, the telecommunications operator is also piloting a startup program: Orange Fab Belux, an incubator which supports a dozen startups in their development, via a business partnership with Orange Group subsidiaries in 17 countries.

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