From a side project, to a leading digital media company – this is the story of Silicon Luxembourg

When Charles-Louis Machuron, a French native of Paris, arrived in 2009 to join the ranks of an e-commerce startup in Luxembourg, he quickly noticed a gap in the Luxembourg media market; young entrepreneurs, startups and innovative companies weren’t being talked about enough.

Charles-Louis Machuron (Silicon Luxembourg)

So, with Charles’ background in media and marketing, he decided to launch a blog in his spare time. He named the blog ‘Silicon Luxembourg’, a spin-off of California’s booming tech hub, Silicon Valley. Charles’ blog was focused on sharing startup and entrepreneurial news in Luxembourg, with a simple objective: to place Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem on the world stage.

Soon after launching the blog, Charles realized its potential and took the plunge to turn his side project into a full-time job. With government initiatives like Digital Luxembourg and the numerous incubation programs and events kicking off, Silicon Luxembourg was there from day one, ready to share the news of the nation’s startup ecosystem.

“Silicon Luxembourg is a one-stop place to get valuable insights on Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem.”

Luis Salerno, Digital Communications Manager at PwC Luxembourg