Ovice, A Virtual Office Solution For The Hybrid Era

oVice is the virtual office solution that’s taken over the APAC market in the past year. Silicon Luxembourg caught up with Joe Shin, head of sales for the western market, at the ICT Spring conference.

You launched oVice almost two years ago. What was the main idea behind it?

When our founder was working in Tunisia two years ago the whole country went into complete lockdown. When this happened, he was frustrated that communicating with other countries had become a lot harder so he put a prototype of oVice together very quickly, got some funding and had a bit of success with Japanese corporations very quickly.

What exactly does oVice do?

oVice allows remote working employees to communicate more effectively with each other in customised virtual office spaces. It is a SaaS solution which allows up to 500 concurrent connections per virtual office floor. On these virtual office floors, employees stay connected throughout the day and depending on where on the floor they are located they can gather in meeting rooms, have water cooler chats or one-on-one meetings with their colleagues. The solution also allows you to integrate a host of solutions such as Slack, Zoom, Google Drive and others. Lastly, you can customise these virtual office spaces according to your needs.

How does your voice interaction feature work?

Every employee has an avatar which they can move around the virtual office space. This avatar has a radius in which it can be heard if their proximity chat feature is on. So, if you move your avatar to an office space where your colleagues are you can automatically be heard by everyone without having to launch a group call. This makes the whole office interaction more seamless and smooth. It’s all about being together in a shared space.

“We want to get to at least €10 million in annual revenue to keep investors happy.”

Joe Shin, Head of Sales for the Western market at oVice

What can you tell me about your clients?

We’re already working with Toyota, Rico, AstraZeneca and some other large Korean companies we’re not allowed to mention. Predominantly, our clients are in the APAC region but we are currently working on expanding. 

What about your competition?

There are some other companies doing the same but I do not think anyone has been as successful as us, especially when it comes to scaling for large clients. The quality and latency of our audience are unmatched and our stress tests have shown that our networks can tolerate more than 700 people opening their cameras at the same time, so we are very confident in our solution.

How expensive is your solution?

We price per virtual floor, but floors also vary in sizes. The floor we are demoing here is €200/month and allows up to 200 concurrent connections per month which you can scale according to your needs. I think that is what really separates us, our ability to scale and have a high number of concurrent users with great stability.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?

We want to get to at least €10 million in annual revenue to keep investors happy. The other thing we’re doing is going to start going to more conferences like this. So we’re also working on our positioning and figuring out what the market wants. We really think that the focus is going to be on hybrid work so that’s what we’re going to adapt our solution to.

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