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Ownart Releases Special Luxembourg NFT For National Day

The Luxembourgish startup Ownart is releasing a special “Luxembourg NFT” today, the Luxembourgish national day.

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With many initiatives such as LetzBlock and Infrachain, Luxembourg has seen a growing interest around blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the past years. In this context, the newly founded Luxembourg-based startup Ownart will release a set of unique Luxembourg non-fungible tokens for the Luxembourgish national day.

“We were talking (with my colleagues) abouts NFTs, and the idea came, what if there was an NFT created for Luxembourg, based in Luxembourg. The timing was very good, with the Luxembourgish national day on June 23rd”, says Vlad Karl, Blockchain Expert and Co-Founder of Ownart.

As Luxembourg has quickly developed a highly digital environment, it provides the perfect framework to launch such a project, aimed at anyone in Luxembourg interested in NFTs.

The initiative aims to be the digital equivalent of physical coins that are released annually before every national day. These coins are mainly used as memorabilia and collectibles. However, while these metal coins do not rot, they can be lost or even thrown away.

“Each MP4 is unique with its own serial number.”

The startup aims to remedy to this problem by launching a coin, or rather, a token, made for the 21th century and the blockchain age: a digital non-fungible token.

“We are actually providing 1,000 NFT’s of 1000 images with a serial number in an MP4 format. Hence, each MP4 is unique with its own serial number.”

The NFTs is available on ownart.eu but also on eBay and on other digital marketplaces. However, the startup also aims to sell coupons/gift cards that need be scratched off to reveal a unique code. The code will give access to the associated NFT on ownart.eu.

“It’s interesting because when you think of scratching off on a coupon/gift card, almost everyone is going to use a coin, so it also has a tangible feeling to it”, concludes Karl.

This Luxembourg NFT is just the first step for the newly founded startup. In the future, the company aims to be a European marketplace for NFTs, where European-based artists can put their art on the platform.

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