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p≡p Security (pretty Easy privacy) launches its p≡p for iOS and its p≡p for Thunderbird add-on (beta), together with new versions for Outlook and Android. All new versions include p≡p sync functionality, which allows the seamless secure synchronization of the secret encryption keys across laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet. To make it simple: p≡p for email is an easy and secure solution for end-to-end email encryption.

Photo: Leon Schumacher, CEO of p≡p Security / Credits © p≡p Security

“We have long known that encryption is the best protection against cyberattacks. But most encryption tools are so cumbersome to use that most users will reject them. p≡p for email now radically simplifies email protection, providing the highest level of security and privacy for everyone”, says Leon Schumacher, CEO of p≡p Security.

p≡p fully eliminates any manual key, trust and identity management, and automates the encryption process. Simple traffic light style signalling allows the user to quickly recognize security levels. p≡p for email is not an OpenPGP solution; it introduces a new standard. Nevertheless, p≡p can be integrated into all existing infrastructure and encryption methods, like OpenPGP.

p≡p targets the millions of email users that desire privacy, but do not want to explore the complexities and manual steps of OpenPGP or similar solutions. They are looking for an easy, automated and secure way to protect their privacy across platforms. p≡p also provides a solution for all the companies that suddenly find themselves in GDPR breach, since the European Court of Justice threw out the Privacy Shield agreement. p≡p implements the proven concept that automation, or in other words, the elimination manual steps and human errors, significantly increases cybersecurity and privacy.

“Today, we no longer just read and write emails on our desktops, but do so on a number of mobile devices. And here too, the protection of messages is crucial while the user demands a seamless experience,” explains Volker Birk, Head of Development at p≡p Security. “p≡p sync allows seamless end-to-end encryption automatically across all major platforms. For the first time without relying on closed-source systems and centralized infrastructure.”

PwC Cybersecurity Days 2020 – Podcast Series – A talk with the finalists from PwC Luxembourg on Vimeo.

p≡p for Thunderbird replaces the Enigmail/p≡p extension for Thunderbird, developed by the Enigmail project a couple of years ago by integrating early p≡p functionality. Enigmail has now reached end-of-life, and its p≡p component is no longer compatible with the new product features of p≡p for email in version 1.1. To remedy this problem, p≡p Security set out to develop its own p≡p for Thunderbird solution to continue the support of the users of Enigmail/p≡p and to provide them with the full p≡p feature set and experience, like sync, as available in all other p≡p apps in time for the new Thunderbird release. p≡p for Thunderbird is available for Windows and macOS, and will later become available on Linux.

p≡p for iOS introduces the p≡p functionality to the iPhone for the first time, a platform where it was necessary for the p≡p Team to develop a mail-client from scratch. In addition to the app for the iPhone, a version for the iPad was released as well. The p≡p for iOS app is now available in the Apple App Store. All new versions of p≡p are now equipped with the brand new Sequoia crypto-backend, making encryption faster and more secure.

Key features of p≡p for Thunderbird and p≡p for iOS: 1. Peer-to-Peer and End-to-End email encryption 2. Automatic protection of emails from being read or modified while sending and replying 3. Seamless encryption support for all the user’s devices (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile) with p≡p Sync. 4. Protection Rating using traffic light Indicator All versions are released as Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and are completely tracker-free.

p≡p Security SA strives to make encryption and privacy the default for written digital messages of all kinds. It also directs part of its revenues towards the financing of the non-profit p≡p Foundation. Our email technology protects organizations across private and public sectors with our comprehensive and fully automated encryption tools, in addition to shutting the door on phishing and business email compromise attacks. In Financial Services, our technology enables institutions to encrypt and authenticate all their financial messages to secure their back-offices and fight the rising SWIFT payment fraud while achieving easy SWIFT CSP compliance. p≡p solutions enable banks to close major cybersecurity attack vectors, while significantly lowering maintenance and Investment costs.

This article is brought to you by p≡p Security and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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