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Philip Grother Nominated As LBAN’s Executive Director

The Luxembourg Business Angel Network has elected a new director. Philip Grother, Founder of startup Test my App, will now coordinate the development of the network and connect innovative companies with investors.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Serge Deuces / Silicon Luxembourg
featured: Philip Grother
What is your mission as LBAN’s new Executive Director?

The ecosystem in Luxembourg is changing, as well as the needs of the different entities and individuals that compose it. LBAN is very well positioned to be a key player on the market, and we will capitalise on the growing dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit in the economy.

In any organisation, it’s important to stay agile and listen to the people who are part of the community. For some members of LBAN, joining us is the first time they will be confronted with investment decisions, for others it just another day at the office, but for all it’s the idea of being part of a community that attracts them to us.

My mission is to listen to and understand what the members need and bring the community together around events, training sessions and workshops. Of course, there will ample opportunities for LBAN to connect with the entire ecosystem, and I’ll try and be at as many events as possible to make sure that we are seen, heard and understood by the different parties.

“There are individuals in Luxembourg who have what it takes to be Angel Investors”

What are your plans to increase the number of Business Angels in Luxembourg?

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be working closely with the board members on a number of topics that are going shape the LBAN for the years to come. Building on the great work that Cécile Sevrain has undertaken, we’ll keep on increasing the quality of our offering for our members, so that those who join us find a well organised and structured environment that they can develop themselves in.

I firmly believe that there are individuals in Luxembourg who have what it takes to be Angel Investors, all they need is the guidance and training to give them the confidence needed to take the first step.

I’m very happy that LBAN is presided over by Larissa Best, who along with Diane Tea in the board, are setting the example for more women to come and join us.

Finally, I feel that Luxembourg has loads of potential and all we need to do is help it flourish and watch it grow.

Investments start at 10k€, which is the minimum amount that our members commit to investing per year when they join us.”

What type of investments are the Business Angels looking for? What amount of investment / per ticket?

Our members have invested in a wide range of companies, and we will continue encouraging diversification, as well as follow-on investments, because that’s where the real money is.

Our members, as well as those who will join us in the coming months, have experiences in different fields of business and industry, so we will do our best to match companies with the right members and help them develop the relationships in a meaningful way.

Investments start at 10k€, which is the minimum amount that our members commit to investing per year when they join us. Some Angels invest multiples of that amount every year, and others team together to form larger sums, called co-investment opportunities.

Above anything else, Angel Investment is about the quality of relationships and the team behind the company being invested in, who can benefit from the experience of the Angel.

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