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Philippe Linster Named House of Startups CEO

The House of Startups (HoST), along with the President, Carlo Thill, and CEO, Philippe Linster, has adopted a new governance structure. Nominated President of the House of Startups (HoST) in September, Carlo Thill succeeds Michel Wurth following his resignation after choosing not to renew his mandate as President of the Chamber of Commerce. Meeting under the presidency of Carlo Thill, on 27 November the HoST Board of Directors appointed Philippe Linster as new CEO, succeeding Karin Schintgen as of 1 January 2020.
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featured: Nicolas Fries, Tom Baumert, Bob Greiveldinger, Philippe Linster, Karin Schintgen, Carlo Thill, Fernand Ernster, Michel Rodenbourg and Carlo Thelen

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At the end of 2017, Karin Schintgen, with her solid previous experience as the head of the Lux Future Lab (BGL BNP Paribas), was given a two-year assignment to launch the Chamber of Commerce’s House of Startups, a structure dedicated to hosting several incubators, including one managed in partnership with the City of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg-City Incubator. This mission ends on 31 December 2019.

“We thank Karin for the boost that she gave to the Chamber of Commerce’s project that exceeded our expectations. Today, we are proud to have perfectly equipped premises, filled with 120 or so startups, but, in addition, the House of Startups has become a real showcase for Luxembourg’s innovation ecosystem”, says Carlo Thill.

“With some 15,000 visitors in a year and a half, we can say that the HoST is a real success!”

“We are also pleased to note that the range of services developed by Karin and her team perfectly complements those already offered by our House of Entrepreneurship, for a clientele composed of mature startups and companies interested in open innovation. With some 15,000 visitors in a year and a half, we can say that the HoST is a real success!” tells Carlo Thelen, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, praising the fruitful collaboration.

Karin Schintgen will remain an independent consultant at the House of Startups, with responsibility for international partnerships in particular, and will continue to develop the EU Tribe, a network of incubators in the Greater Region.

Philippe Linster, 30 years old and new CEO of the House of Startups, will take office on 1 January 2020. He joined the Chamber of Commerce in 2017 as an advisor at the House of Entrepreneurship and was in charge of the ‘Investor care’ platform dedicated to advising foreign investors interested in Luxembourg and the Chamber of Commerce’s entrepreneurial education programme and school-business relations. He also represented the institution on various boards (Luxembourg Business Angels Network, Luxinnovation…). Prior to joining the Chamber of Commerce, he was an advisor in the Business and Entrepreneurs Department of the Banque de Luxembourg (BIL). These various responsibilities give him a good knowledge of the Luxembourg ecosystem of entrepreneurship and startups. He holds a Master’s degree in Accounting, Control and Audit from EM Strasbourg Business School, after having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Administration at the University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management).

The House of Startups is a public limited company (S.A.) whose sole shareholder is the Chamber of Commerce. As of 1 January 2020, the Board of Directors will be composed of Carlo Thill (President), Tom Baumert, Fernand Ernster, Nicolas Fries, Bob Greiveldinger, Michel Rodenbourg, and Carlo Thelen.

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