Progetis, The PropTech That Is Transforming The Luxembourg Real Estate Market

Philippe Raynaud, CEO of Progetis,(Photo © Progetis)

As the market leader in real estate solutions in Luxembourg, Progetis perfectly illustrates what Proptechs have to offer by highlighting the innovation and digitalisation of its high-tech softwares.

New technologies being booming, let’s focus on 3 recent projects in which Progetis proves its expertise, very advanced on the Luxembourg system.

1- A unique estimation module to evaluate the exact price of a property

On the Luxembourg market, clients are confronted with a recurring issue: the prices indicated by property valuation tools are not always the right ones.

Why ? Because these tools are mostly based on announced prices, and not on signed prices.

To remedy this situation, la Chambre immobilière – – asked Progetis to develop an innovative solution that can estimate the real price of a property.

Since its launch in September 2021, the Estimation module conceived by Progetis for la Chambre Immobilière provides agencies with a strong advantage in their hands: a unique module with a new technology based on a triple price estimation, thanks to 3 different calculation tools.

Based on the Final Estimate on the properties searched for and the criteria requested, agents can now prove their professional expertise to their clients.

2- A Ticketing module in the new “ProSyndic” software

In March 2021, Progetis launched ProSyndic, a software that is one of the most advanced and innovative on the Syndic market.

Clients are confronted with daily exchange needs between the different professions involved: manager of the Syndic, companies and co-owners. Like a call-centre, they have to deal with a large number of files, mainly through the exchange of information between these three categories of contact.

This is why Progetis has been thinking about a solution that answers this need: a new collaborative ticketing tool that can create and manage tickets.

With the goal of managing and fluidifying these tickets, the module manages small claims, reparations, maintenance, complaints and interventions. All information is processed with secure links, which allow a profession to accept or refuse the mission with a simple click.

3- A new software “Progestion easy”

As the rental management market is booming, Progetis has taken the opportunity to create a brand new rental management software for real estate agencies which will be released in October 2021.

Ultra-intuitive and innovative, Progestion easy provides agencies with the ability to use this accounting tool in the best conditions, without requiring advanced knowledge in the accounting field.

The software has been conceived with a guided user path. In an intuitive way, the user will be guided in his choices of actions through the different screens. With a user-friendly and fully ergonomic interface, the main menu tasks are regrouped on the home page and make the software easy to understand for customers.

In its pursuit of permanent improvement, the company has no intention of stopping there to help Luxembourg and proptechs develop innovative tools to digitalise services in the real estate market. Progetis is ready to take on and prepare for its next challenge.

Editor’s note: This article is brought to you by the Progetis and reflects only the opinion of the author.

This article was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine. Get your copy.

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