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Promoting Luxembourg’s Digital Jewels

You are holding the first edition of Silicon Mag, a magazine dedicated entirely to bringing its readers the most up-to-date news on Luxembourg’s startup scene. This magazine is the fruit of collaboration between ITnation, the magazine for CIOs and IT decision makers in Luxembourg, and Silicon Luxembourg, the information website focused on Luxembourg startups. It was created in order to bring the IT and startup communities closer together, and especially to promote the Grand Duchy’s startup pool. Our goal is to bring worldwide attention to all of Luxembourg’s digital startups that have the potential to conquer global markets. We do indeed have many talented and experienced entrepreneurs, of many different nationalities, who innovate, launch successful products and services, and expand their businesses into new markets, all from right here in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a country full of innovation. In Luxembourg, both public and private stakeholders have clearly felt the need to imagine — and implement — the economy of tomorrow. The development of a favorable ecosystem for the creation, forming, acceleration and expansion of innovative startups has become a priority of the government, and is also of great importance to all of Luxembourg’s residents and frequent visitors. It’s no secret that the country is facing a nation branding problem. If Luxembourg is looking for a way to enhance the country’s reputation, what could be better than increasing the promotion of the country’s hot startups, digital attractiveness, and successful entrepreneurs? This is exactly what Digital Lëtzebuerg, Start Up Nation, and Silicon Luxembourg are all doing, and this magazine intends to also make a contribution to this end.

In this first issue, we present Luxembourg startups that have succeeded abroad. Some have expanded across Europe, and others have thrived as far away as the U.S. These cross-boarder startups help attract the attention of foreign entrepreneurs and drive entrepreneurial talent and investment to Luxembourg. Each of the featured startups also has a story of success from which we all can draw inspiration.

We must admit that, as the Luxembourg startup ecosystem is still very young, we do not yet have “unicorns” here. However, this should not prevent us from giving the Luxembourg startup community the visibility and recognition it deserves and requires to continue to evolve and thrive. We aim to do exactly that.

We hope you’ll have as much fun reading this first issue as we had writing it. It is a tool to promote Luxembourg and its entrepreneurial ecosystem to budding and experienced entrepreneurs alike, colleagues and friends, as well as skeptics who think that Luxembourg is only a financial and administrative center. Let’s work together to make Luxembourg a digital startup haven!

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