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Put Your Picture On Your Cake With PICTcake

Silicon Luxembourg attended the first Slush Asia event on 24th April in Tokyo. We had a chance to check out the local start-up ecosystem and talked to a number of the start-ups that were present. We present to you one start-up we came across during Slush Asia: Bake with their PICTcake service and product.

Bake won 2 awards during Slush Asia and we put the following questions to Yohei Azakami PICTcake Dept. Manager and PR Section Manager.

Congratulations on winning Slush Asia PR times award and UNIQLO award (fast retailing award), how does it feel?

We were a bit disappointed because we were not chosen as the winner in the final. But when we got 2nd we were so happy and excited.

I thought our presentation was appreciated by the audience. I was happy and appreciated the support for our company.

Any advice on pitching for other start-ups in such events?

It is important what to tell people, but I feel also necessary to be particular about how to tell your story.

We practiced many times and also prepared a movie for Slush Asia.

We made an effort to pitch clearly and simply.

Did Slush Asia Tokyo met your expectations?

We were satisfied with Slush Asia. As we were looking to get media connections and overseas partners and we were able to get them at Slush Asia. Great success.

How did you come up with the idea for such a product?

We started with a frozen decoration cake service named “click on cake.” But this service didn’t sell very well so we decided to so some more research into what kind of cakes consumers were buying. Through this we found picture printed cake. Picture printed cakes are being sold for 15-20 years now. But we felt they needed a more modern touch and we took the risk which paid off. We have created customized designs for cakes which are available via our website and mobile app and we called it “PICTcake”.

How is the start-up ecosystem in Tokyo?

We feel that Tokyo especially the Shibuya area has become a good environment for start-ups.

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