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Rafinex Leaps Ahead Of Competition And Releases “World’s First Stochastic Topology Optimizer”

Rafinex, the software startup using “breakthrough research” to optimize product designs across industries, releases a graphical interface for its flagship software Möbius. The new graphical interface will help SMEs and non-experts use and understand Rafinex’ first-of-its-kind software.

Photo by Kaori Anne Jolliffe

Founded in 2019, with the support of the EXIST-Gründerstipendium and the WIAS Institute, Rafinex is the result of recent “research breakthroughs” by co-founder Johannes Neumann. These breakthroughs allowed stochastic design optimizations to be completed in hours rather than weeks and helped the Rafinex founders create a software solution that allows companies to optimize their designs earlier while at the same time making them more robust and decreasing their time-to-market.

“We help them [companies] design lightweight structures safely. We help them light-weight their space parts, car parts, bio-medical components, heavy industry tools. We help to shave off weight so that these machines can operate faster and cheaper and especially more safely,” says CEO André Wilmes.

“Real-life randomness”

The success of their solution relies on their use of stochastic modelling in their advanced algorithms.

“What we do differently from the competition is that we do not only optimise for the normal loads but also for the off-design or unknown loads,” says André. “That way, [taking the example of a car chassis] if someone drives over a pothole too fast or does something the engineer hasn’t planned explicitly, there won’t be any critical damage because stochastic modelling accounts for these off-design cases.”

By “considering real-life uncertainty and real-life randomness from the start,” Rafinex not only saves companies time and money but also allows them to “massively accelerate new product developments and de-risk them considerably,” says André.

Möbius And The Competition

Rafinex’ stochastic modelling approach is completely outperforming the competition. In early-stage concept design use-cases their solution beat “manually created designs by factor two in terms of performance.” Even more impressively, for the modelling of a whole car chassis, Rafinex takes a day compared to the month it takes industry leaders.

Already working with industry leaders such as McLaren Automotive and GKN Aerospace, Rafinex has had no problem convincing experts of their solution. Now, with the release of an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface for Möbius, Rafinex will also find it easier for SME customers and non-experts to understand their solution.

“When you are talking to SME customers or companies that may only have one or two people doing this, the user interface will certainly help them. And that segment we were unable to address up until now,” says André.

Since graduating from the Fit 4 Start programme, Rafinex has taken impressive steps to advance and improve its solution – the support of Luxembourg’s Young Innovative Enterprise Aid being key in its creation. Now that Möbius boasts a new graphical interface and Rafinex’ founders are the only experts with the know-how to build this solution, their continued success appears all but guaranteed.

To stay up to date with Rafinex, follow their LinkedIn or check out their website.

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