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RedE, the electric scooter for professional deliveries

RedE, a startup out of Nancy, is coming out swinging in France by proposing an electric scooter for professional deliveries. Large groups such as Monoprix, Naturalia, Sushi Shop, and Pizza Hut have already started to adopt RedE.
(Featured Image: RedE’s scooter are red-hot in France right now / Image Credit © RedE)

Founded in 2015 by Etienne Mao and Valentin Dillenschneider, RedE took its first steps in 2014 when Etienne drafted an idea assessment while living in China. At the time a student at ICN, Etienne noticed the incredible number of electric scooters in use in the far East. He asked himself, “Why is there not substantial development of electric scooters in France, especially given that they essentially eliminated gas use in China for delivery professionals?” Upon his return to France, the founder contacted an old friend in promotions, also a fan of scooters, in order to develop the project to democratizing scooters in France. Since then, the adventure has continued with Valentin Dillenschneider. Etienne decided to created RedE with Valentin in order to commercialize their own electric scooter targeted at professionals at an attractive price, designed in France and in part assembled in China. After two years of R&D, the first RedE scooter was brought to the market in 2017.

“RedE’s principal ambition is to democratize electric scooters in order to amp up mobility all while decreasing the ecological impact. We also want to show delivery professionals that they can act on environment protection while decreasing their costs,” Geoffroy Montornes Roma, Business Developer at RedE.

“With 150 scooters sold in 2017, RedE holds 25% of the professional scooter market share.”

The RedE Market

With the normalization of antipollution Euro 4 for all new two wheeled vehicles commercialized on French soil since January 1, 2018, RedE has a tough next card to play.

RedE focuses on four market segments: foodtech (Uber Eats, Deliveroo), express delivery (Amazon, Fnac), restaurant delivery (Sushi Shop, Pizza Hut) and official institutions (Mairie de Paris).

“RedE has become the leader in Paris in number of licensed electric scooters for delivery professionals. With 150 scooters sold in 2017, RedE holds 25% of the professional scooter market share.”

RedE scooters are available for leasing and renting with the option to purchase as well. Eighty percent of RedE scooter transactions are leases. RedE is developing thorough service options, including renting with other services such as maintenance or even assurance, just like the car industry. RedE also offers training for delivery professionals so that they remain compliant with French legislation.

The year is starting off strong for RedE. The startup has already commercialized 68 scooters between January and March 2018, or almost 50% of the 2017 results.

“RedE works with known suppliers, notably Bosch, a company known for its motors, as well as Lenovo, known for its batteries that hold between 50-60 kilometers of life!”

A revolutionary scooter

The RedE scooter is a French-produced product of which some assembly takes place in China. Once it is imported to France, the final touches take place in the RedE workshops in Montrouge, near to Paris. The technical team takes care of the final assembly of each scooter that enters the French market.

RedE works with known suppliers, notably Bosch, a company known for its motors, as well as Lenovo, known for its batteries that hold between 50-60 kilometers of life! RedE scooters charge very easily thanks to their removable batteries. Also, in an effort to respond to delivery professionals’ needs, there are options to purchase two batteries, which ensures unlimited autonomy.

With commercialization starting one year ago, the product has already largely evolved. For example, a telephone charger has been integrated for the convenience of delivery professionals (something even more important for those who use phones and/or tablets as working tools). A cushion has also been added to the top case section of the scooter in an effort to guarantee an optimal quality protection for products. As the top cases can be personalized, they provide an array of options to users.

The price remains incredibly competitive compared to competitors at 2,300 EUR HT with battery for purchase.

RedE’s Future

With an eight person team, RedE plans to commercialize scooters across all of France over the course of the next 12 months.

The RedE teams are also working on digitalizing its scooters. Of note are the development of a tracking system and a system for the management of deliveries integrated directly in the scooter.

The original French version of this article was first published on Silicon Lorraine.

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