Registrations For 2nd Edition Of Infrachain Challenge Now Open

Infrachain, the Luxembourg Blockchain community for operational Blockchain projects has opened team registrations for the second edition of its Blockchain hackathon. The Infrachain challenge will focus on the use of digital credentials and wallets in interaction with public and private players.

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The price of bitcoin might have plummeted in recent months but the belief in the potential of its underlying technology has not – at least not in Luxembourg.

As Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister put it in his opening speech at this year’s first Blockchain Week: “Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies, but also about helping us reach our sustainable development goals, securing our health data and enabling more resilient supply chains. I’m excited to see Luxembourg’s blockchain success stories during this year’s blockchain week. It is amazing to see what we can achieve when we bundle up our forces behind an alliance like the Blockchain Lab!”

Founded in 2017, Infrachain, the Luxembourg-based non-profit was created in the same vein. With the support of Digital Luxembourg, the government’s collaborative initiative that aims to strengthen and guide the country’s digital efforts, Infrachain hosted its first Blockchain hackathon last year.

Last year’s Blockchain hackathon, called the Infrachain Challenge, saw Neofacto take the win ahead of second place’s Filedgr. Interestingly, both projects were selected by the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab where they are currently undergoing further development.
Digital credentials and wallets

Sponsored by the Ministry for Digitalisation, this year’s Infrachain Challenge is all about finding Blockchain solutions for the public sector. The participating teams will have 30 hours to develop a solution that provides an “innovative answer” based on the Public Sector Blockchain, after which they will provide a working demo and have 5 minutes to pitch in front of a jury of experts.

Currently, most official documents are still exchanged as scanned paper documents between public authorities and the private sector or public authorities and citizens. These documents, such as bank certificates or certificates of residence, still need to be encoded – often manually – which can lead to a host of problems and makes the verifier unable to check the authenticity of the data.

In response to these issues, the 2nd edition of the Infrachain Challenge hopes to inspire the participating teams to come up with creative and user-friendly solutions during the 30 hours they have to develop a proof of concept.

“With the use of Blockchain based digital credentials and digital wallets, citizens can regain control of their personal data. They are at the heart of trusted interactions in the digital world. At Infrachain Challenge 2021, we expect the teams to develop some inspiring concepts that could later be transformed into operational solutions,” comments Fabrice Croiseaux, President of Infrachain.

Registrations for the Infrachain Challenge remain open until 15th September 2021. Six teams of three to six members will be allowed to participate and the winners will be awarded a total of EUR 10.500 in cash prizes. For more information, visit Infrachain’s website.

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