Rémi Valentin — “It Is Time For Companies To Start Embracing Big Data”

Rémi Valentin, Innovation Director at Editus (Photo © Editus)

Since 2021, Editus, the publisher of Luxembourg directories, has officially rebranded into a marketing agency. Rémi Valentin, innovation director at Editus, tells us about the challenges and opportunities of Big Data and how companies can respond to them.

What does innovation look like within a marketing agency such as yours?

As a marketing agency, innovation for us begins with the proper usage of field data. The heart of our business revolves around using the right kind of data to help our clients reach their marketing targets in the most effective way possible.

Our Editus Insight solution for example is a market research solution created to help our clients make better decisions based on insights learned from local digital data. Another solution of our is our Marketing Automation solution which makes use of our clients’ databases via intelligent applications such as email automation to improve their work performance.

It’s my responsibility to make data more accessible for all companies and leverage our turnkey solutions to help our clients find the best answers to their marketing questions.

What is the biggest challenge companies face today in terms of Big Data?

I would say that the fear that many companies have about Big Data is one of the biggest challenges. To start in Big Data by yourself can be expensive and for many companies, there is still an air of mystery around it which makes them hesitant. Whereas POST Luxembourg offers a Data Intelligence platform for data science work, Editus has launched Editus Insight as a complimentary marketing service that is affordable and which accompanies clients in their Big Data journeys. Our data experts are there to consult and support companies in their work, thereby making Big Data more digestible and easier to understand. It is time for companies to start embracing Big Data.

“They all need to make use of marketing research to make the best decisions.”

Rémy Valentin, Innovation Director at Editus

What other challenges are inherent in this line of work and how do you deal with them?

The first problem is finding suitable data of good quality. Most companies nowadays collect data but they don’t know how to use or structure the data in order to get valuable insights. Secondly, you have to ask yourself the right questions. If you work in data intelligence, you need to be specific in your objectives and what you want to optimise. Are you working on increasing your sales, your visibility or are you trying to overcome a structural challenge? If you answer this question wrongly, you will use the wrong data and come to the wrong conclusion, so it’s very important to get it right. Lastly, you need to be able to find simple solutions to complex topics because the insights need to be understood by many employees, regardless of whether or not they have an affinity for data science.

You’ve already mentioned your solution Editus Insight briefly. Could you tell me how it responds to these challenges?

Our objective is not to have the best technological innovation. Our objective is to come up with good ideas which are simple, effective and can be understood by every marketing director we work with. Not every marketing director has a background in data science but nevertheless, they all need to make use of marketing research to make the best decisions. So, my goal is to help them find the right answers and visualise these with the help of our turnkey solutions.

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