Robot Dog Films Abandoned Mine

Find out how Space Time’s technology has been used to map an abandoned mine in Rumelange (Photo © Space Time)

A vast mining network in Rumelange is being scanned and mapped for the first time with the help of robot dogs.

The National Mining Museum of Rumelange joined up with Space Time for the project in Rumelange’s mines. The underground galleries have been abandoned for more than 60 years and some are no longer accessible to humans. 

“This is why the museum called on Space Time, which, thanks to its robots, has probed these unknown territories and returned precious data to be able to create a complete map,” the museum said in a statement, adding: “It was a major technical risk, but one that is essential for our history. This partnership is a major step forward in terms of having, in the long term, an exhaustive knowledge of Luxembourg’s mines.”

Founded in 2019, Space Time is a Luxembourg proptech which mounts laser scanning technology on drones and robot dogs, to capture data on construction processes. Through its platform, customers can use a desktop or mobile device to navigate through a project’s virtual twin and go back in time at any point to see previous captures. The museum leveraged this technology to produce complete 3D plans of the Walert mine, which was exploited from 1898 to 1963 before being converted into a museum in 1973. 

Space Time founder Shahriar Agaajani, founder of Space Time said: “It is a great honour to achieve this and to participate in the conservation of Luxembourg’s historical heritage.”

The mining museum consists of buildings of the former mine, a permanent exhibition about mines and iron ore miners and a tour of some secure underground galleries on a battery-powered narrow-gauge train. 

Visitors can watch a video presenting the highlights of the robot dog’s intervention in the Mines at the entrance of the museum, as well as study the 3D plans generated by the technology. 

Space Time recently secured a patent from the Luxembourg economy ministry for its data management of a building construction over time technology. It is currently filing similar patent applications around the world. 

This partnership with the Musée National des Mines de Rumelange was the first to be pursued by the firm outside the world of construction.

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