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Rolly Launches Subscription Toilet Paper Service

Watch out: a new superhero is in town. His name? Rolly. His super powers? Being a 100% recycled toilet paper. His ultimate goal? Change a basic act as an ecological one. Nearly 3,000 toilet rolls have already been sold since the official launch of Rolly in January 2019, a great start for the young startup! We met with Matthieu Gillieron, the Founder of Rolly, to discuss his story.
(Featured Image: Matthieu Gillieron, Founder of Rolly / Image Credit © Rolly)
A jump into entrepreneurship to make a difference

After few years of professional experience as an auditor, Matthieu wanted to change his way of working. “I was working a lot but was missing a purpose in life. In my job as an auditor, I really enjoyed working with small business structures because I could see the people behind the numbers” explained Matthieu.

The young startupper jumped into entrepreneurship with a first project developed with a friend. “This first experience was perfect to build out trust in myself and in my own project. I also had the chance to get a better view of the Luxembourgish market, and realized the desire for eco-friendly solution” said Matthieu.

At the end of this first entrepreneurship’s experience, Matthieu has one certainty: his next project would be around environmental issues to positively act on the planet. “I practice scuba-diving and realized lately the huge toxic impact of plastics in the oceans; my idea was really to change a common act or gesture into an ecological one. Changes must be made in our way we consume, even the smallest ones, as long as they impact” emphasized Matthieu.

“Toilet paper is widely used but there are no obvious alternatives to it”.

Who is Rolly?

“Rolly was created after a basic finding: I couldn’t find an ecological alternative, and of quality, to the toilet paper wrapped in plastic. From there, I tried to develop a product and a service to meet the consumers’ needs” said Matthieu.

Rolly is mainly an intermediary for the consumers willing to act for a better environment. “I help everyone access an ecological product » simply said Matthieu.

A toilet paper roll as a superhero, eager to pursue great things, quickly came into Matthieu’s mind.“I wanted to create a funnier and less boring’s image for the toilet paper. Rolly’s character has a simple mission: « Save the planet ». With that mission in mind, and the help of the talented illustrator Camille Sallan, the character of Rolly came to life” told us Matthieu.

One of the first mission for Rolly was to find the toilet paper roll! “Toilet paper is widely used but there are no obvious alternatives to it”. Matthieu is working with a manufacturer located in the Vosges, named Lucart, with a real ecological commitment. “On top of the geographical proximity, which was key for me, their product is 100% made from food cartons, the paper is not whitened with chlorine and the entirety of the carton is used to make other products” proudly explained Matthieu.

The packaging is also ecological, with no plastic used but instead a simple box made with recycled and reusable cardboard. “The inscriptions on the cardboard are done with black water ink and the box is sealed with plastic free kraft scotch” added Matthieu.

“Having enterprises as clients is necessary to create a bigger environmental impact”.

Rolly to the rescue in one click!

Rolly offers two solutions: a one-shot purchase when in need or a monthly subscription. Deliveries are done by Matthieu itself, right after the purchase is made on line. “I have my stock in Capellen and I am happy to make the home deliveries, especially to see the faces of the clients discovering how quickly they receive Rolly at home!” said Matthieu.

The young entrepreneur also offers the product to small and medium enterprises. “The coffee and lunch place, GLOW in Bonnevoie, was one of my first customer. Having enterprises as clients is necessary to create a bigger environmental impact” told the Founder.

Rolly for a better Luxembourg

Entirely self-financed, Rolly’ story is just at its beginning. “I’m not in a hurry! I’d rather create slowly my story, to keep the control”.

The startup’s communication focuses on social medias and Luxembourgish media. “I also count on the word of mouth to spread Rolly’s mission. I am also considering participating to startups events to pitch Rolly’s story to a wider number” told us Matthieu.

In the upcoming months, Matthieu hopes to see an increased number in subscriptions. “Subscriptions will allow me to foresee the orders to better manage my stock, hence my incomes to reach a certain stability, every startups’ dream!” concluded Matthieu.

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