Room#42 — 10 Things To Know About The Cyberattack Simulation Game

by: Security made in Luxembourg
photo: Anna Katina / Silicon Luxembourg
featured: Inside room#42

1. A Cybersecurity Experience

First and foremost, Room#42 is an innovative training concept developed by the Cybersecurity Competence Center (C3). This entity is in charge of delivering qualitative information and knowledge to private organizations and municipalities. The idea is simple: you experience a cybersecurity attack in real time and have to find ways to react and limit its impact.

2. Made for Decisionmakers – From Team Leaders to CxO

Very few training programs are addressing the specific needs of managers, especially in cybersecurity. Room#42 provides an exclusive experience for decisionmakers based on our trainers’ years of experience in high-stake situations.

3. Challenging Participants’ Know-how & Skills

As cybersecurity becomes more important for companies, many employees have already acquired basic knowledge and developed skills. Room#42 is a way to challenge these competencies and learn to adopt new habits and behaviors.

4. Learning by Doing

Studies have proven that experiencing a situation is one of the best ways to learn. Room#42 can be compared to the crash-test simulations that pilots regularly have to perform, making sure that they are capable of managing critical situations and avoiding the worst-case scenario.

5. Total Immersion

Ambiance is a pillar of the Room#42 training experience. To create a fully immersive experience, participants are taken out of their comfort zones, forcing them to work together and be creative when finding solutions.

6. Innovative Training

This is the first time that this type of training is used to test decision makers’ abilities to deal with cybersecurity attacks. The team of experts from C3 combined their expertise from different areas to create this simulator, the first of its kind in the world.

7. A Boost for Luxembourg’s Cybersecurity Reputation

Through Room#42’s international outreach, the Grand Duchy’s expertise is recognized abroad. Additionally, MISP and MONARC were created in Luxembourg and are already listed among the most used open source cybersecurity tools worldwide.

8. Develop Best Practices

The ultimate goal of Room#42 is to help participants detect and improve their flaws in behavior and crisis management, and to establish best practices in order to prepare them for real-life challenges.

9. Demystify the “Cyber” in Information Security

One of the biggest threats is that employees are not prepared because they think that information security is not for them. The Room#42 experience shows that everybody is affected by security and can take steps to help.

10. Emphasizing the Human Role

Another error would be to think that security is only technical, made of hardware and software. However, most of the attacks start due to a human mistake: putting an unknown USB stick into a professional laptop or clicking on a random link. Don’t let humans be the weakest link! With proper training and competence, they’ll be your organization’s best defense.

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