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Satispay Launches Opération Cashback 20%

Satispay – the innovative bank-account enabled mobile payment solution, completely independent from credit/debit card networks – launches “Opération Cashback 20%” in Luxembourg. The campaign, which started June 1st, aims to support local merchants and consumers now that lockdown measures are gradually being lifted and shops are re-opening.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
featured: Carli Jeen on Unsplash
You just launched Satispay in Luxembourg. What are the main achievements and figures so far?

The company launched its smart payment app in Luxembourg in April and has since developed into a growing network of around 70 shops. We immediately noted a strong interest among people and now, only a few weeks after the official launch, hundreds of individuals are signing up to Satispay, to use it to pay in stores (both physical and online), exchange money with friends and set aside money in a smart, fast and simple way, and of course, free of charge.

You’re launching the “Operation Cashback” campaign. What is it about?

We launched the campaign, which started June 1st, aims specifically to support local merchants and consumers now that lockdown measures are gradually being lifted and shops are re-opening. Customers who pay using Satispay, will receive a 20%-instant refund on their purchases in June and July. Satispay fully guarantees the Cashback, so merchants will receive the full amount for their products and services, and benefit from Satispay’s low fees – no fees for purchases below 10 euros and only a 20-cent fee for purchases above 10 euros.

Cashback is only one of the many Satispay’s features, and allows business owners’ to attract new customers and grow loyalty with existing customers by offering consumers a partial refund on purchases made via Satispay in physical and online shops.

With “Opération Cashback 20%”, the first Cashback campaign in Luxembourg completely funded by Satispay, customers will enjoy a 20% Cashback on purchases from participating businesses with a maximum of 20 euros per week. Users can easily see which shops participate in Opération Cashback 20% by simply opening the shops list within the app or visiting the web page. They can then browse the list and find the shop they are looking for. Once payment is made, they will immediately receive the 20% Cashback as an automatic refund to their balance. For example: a user makes a purchase in a shop with Satispay for 100 euros. The full amount will be subtracted from their balance in the app. After the payment is completed, 20 euro is refunded by Satispay and automatically added to the user’s balance so it is immediately available to make another purchase or to set aside and save.

What are the next steps?

As one of the leading providers of mobile payments, Satispay wants to become the most used financial platform in Europe by providing a wide range of digital payment services to users and becoming the smartest partner for merchants. By simplifying payments and money transfers and offering consumers attractive features, we aim to accelerate their restart while helping them to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Thanks to a bank account enabled platform which is totally independent from any debit and credit card networks, Satispay allows in store transactions, peer-to-peer payments, and an increasingly wide range of other services such as savings and gifts. The app works with any bank account, any mobile operator and any smartphone.

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