Savvy Mobility, Losch Digital Lab’s Software For On-Demand Transport services

Savvy Mobility, the on-demand SaaS platform for private and public mobility providers is taking off with a new name and identity. Acquired by Losch Luxembourg in December 2020, Savvy Mobility aims to solve the “dial a ride problem” and get rid of inefficiencies.

When trying to get from A to B, one rarely considers the software which silently hums in the background. The only thing most people care about is getting to point B on time and, if possible, with a certain amount of comfort.

However, for the miracle of public and private mobility to work effectively, the “dial a ride” problem first needs to be solved. Throughout the day, mobility services such as local public transport, cabs and ambulance services need to be assigned to the right areas in the right time without being over supplied.

To solve this equation, you either need a couple of brilliant mathematicians or a very powerful algorithm made by some underappreciated coders. Aimed at private and public mobility providers, Savvy Mobility is such an algorithm.

It solves the “dial a ride problem” by collecting all the passenger requests and optimizing the capacities of drivers and vehicles based on current demand.

Simple but powerful

Built upon its three application areas – driver, passenger and backend management – Savvy Mobility impresses with its simple operation. These applications work in tandem which allows for a smooth mediation the need for transport and the offer of transport as well as efficient fleet management of the respective operators.

Currently, Savvy Mobility’s customers include companies in Luxembourg, Italy, Austria and Portugal. With its new name and brand identity, Losch Luxembourg is optimistic about their future entry into foreign markets.

Savvy Mobility is an integral part of the Losch Digital Lab product portfolio. Founded in 2018, Losch Digital Lab develops software tools for Losch Luxembourg as well as for other companies. Currently, Losch Digital Lab employs 40 people spread across its two locations in Kockelscheuer (Luxembourg) and Porto (Portugal). The management is in the hands of Roman Entinger.

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