ScanMovers Is Launching Its Service In Luxembourg

Moving platform ScanMovers has launched its service in Luxembourg. Benefitting from its success in the Netherlands, the Amsterdam-based startup now targets one of the Netherlands’ closest business partners: Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has a lot to offer. The idyllic countryside in the north, the impressive castle walls around Luxembourg City, the wine producing “Musel” region, or the industrial south, all mark the landscape of this beautiful country. That is why ScanMovers started doing business in Luxembourg, helping people find the right moving company to settle down.

Founded in 2017, ScanMovers is a fast-growing comparison and booking platform for the moving market. Its mission? Make the moving industry more accessible and transparent, not only based on the price but also on the quality and reliability.

Two years and thousands of happy users later, 150 moving companies have joined the platform and ScanMovers has managed to bring the moving market into the digital age and make it consumer-friendly. ScanMovers offers additional services for consumers and companies such as cost effective insurances, a webshop for moving equipment and it even helps companies with their marketing and customer services, so they can focus on what they do best: moving.

The startup recently raised €750,000 from angel investors and a total funding of €1.25 million so far. With operations in the Netherlands running in full steam, ScanMovers is now expanding its activities and Luxembourg represents an important and exciting market in this process.

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